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   Chapter 3544 The Enraged Bugs

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These Dark Nether Bugs were powerful.

As trained insect catchers, the green-skinned men were very familiar with the habits of all kinds of insects in the Dark Region.

Those Ghost-faced Centipedes and the Cold Earth Bugs might have looked ferocious and were highly toxic, but the insect catchers always had ways to deal with them.

The Dark Nether Bugs were white and plump, and didn't seem to be harmful. But looks can be deceiving; their strength alone was enough to be ranked first among all the insects in the Dark Region!

It was difficult for an insect catcher to capture even one Dark Nether Bug, but now, faced with four bugs, they were at a loss.

The two green-skinned men stood upright in the grass, with miserable expressions. It seemed they had no intention of making a move.

"Why not take action?" Zen asked them through his chaotic energy.

One of them faced Zen piteously and said, "The three other Dark Nether Bugs are adults. They are incredibly powerful. If we tried to catch that larva, we'd be killed for sure."

The two green-skinned men had painstakingly gone to great lengths to prepare for this hunt. And now that they had managed to attract a Dark Nether Bug, they could do nothing about it. Naturally, they were upset.

While they were busy feeling sorry for themselves, Elvinia suddenly cut in and said, "Just do what you need to do. I'll take care of the other three Dark Nether Bugs for you."

The two green-skinned men couldn't believe their ears. This powerful being who, minutes prior, had almost killed them, was now going to help them!

This woman was able to release dazzling light, which could penetrate the darkest corners of the Dark Region. If she could help them deal with the Dark Nether Bugs, they would be more than happy.

Zen, on the other hand, frowned slightly. Ever since the Dark Nether Bugs appeared, Elvinia had been acting strangely. Her eyes clearly showed a strong desire for the Dark Nether Bugs.

Previously, Zen also had a strange appetite for them, but the appetite soon disappeared after he restrained himself. Now, it seemed Elvinia couldn't control her appetite.

"But I have one request." Elvinia's eyes flashed hungrily. "The three Dark Nether Bugs will belong to me."

"Of course, you can have them!" one of the green-skinned creatures hastily replied.

Their goal was only to catch one Dark Nether Bug. Even though capturing more Dark Nether Bugs would benefit them greatly, it was beyond their capacity and they were satisfied w

e these white and fat Dark Nether Bugs were enraged, they were extremely powerful beings in the Dark Region.

Just as Zen was about to rush into the battle, Elvinia held up her hand, indicating she was fine. Suddenly, she bent down and raised both her hands. White light beams shot out from her hands, forming two swords with blades hundreds of feet long. Clapping her hands together, the two swords of white light slashed at the three Dark Nether Bugs before her.

With Elvinia's strength, she could have easily destroyed these Dark Nether Bugs by simply using the Great Sanskrit Light.

But she had concerns. On the one hand, she was determined to eat the Dark Nether Bugs. If the bugs melted and evaporated under the Great Sanskrit Light, she would have nothing to eat. On the other hand, the Great Sanskrit Light would spread far away in the Dark Region, which might alert other ferocious beasts.

Phew! Phew!

The white light swords were formless and they could extend or contract according to Elvinia's will. The speed at which they slashed at the ground was astonishing.

Before the three Dark Nether Bugs could react, their bodies were swept by the long white light swords. In the next moment, they lay on the ground lifeless.

Upon a closer look, Zen could see a thin crack on their bodies. They had been sliced in half so cleanly.

When the two green-skinned creatures saw that Zen wanted to rush up to help, they thought of seizing the opportunity to escape, but before they even had a chance to take one step forward, they witnessed Elvinia easily killing the three adult Dark Nether Bugs.

Both of their jaws dropped to the ground. Who was this woman?

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