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   Chapter 3543 The Dark Nether Bugs

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The two light rays were condensed at high speed.

To the creatures in the Light Region, they were almost harmless, but to the creatures in the Dark Region, they were lethal.

The two green-skinned men stayed frozen to their spot, unable to move at all. If they attempted to flee, the light rays would slice them in half.

Elvinia walked forward with a grim expression. She was about to ask why the two dared to attack them, but abruptly stopped in her tracks. Turning to smile at Zen, she said sweetly, "You ask."

Zen nodded. Taking a step forward to face the two green-skinned men, he said, "We're just passing by. Why did you attack us?"

The two green-skinned men looked Zen up and down. Compared to Elvinia, this man didn't look so scary.

One of the green-skinned men opened his mouth and squeaked. He gestured with his hands, trying to explain himself. But Zen shook his head, unable to understand a word he said.

"You don't speak the human language?" Zen frowned.

The human language was commonly used both on the Other Shore and in the Source World. It was quite rare for a creature to be unable to speak it.

"If you don't speak the human language, then you are of no value to us. Go to hell!" Elvinia spat, her eyes flashing coldly.

While Elvinia was very conscious of her image around Zen, these two green-skinned hooligans were getting on her nerves.

Buzz! Buzz!

Countless light awls extended from Elvinia's fingertips, like shining fingernails. Just as they were about to hit one of the green-skinned men, he hurriedly cried out, "Don't kill me! Don't kill me!"

Elvinia stopped. Turning again to smile at Zen, she said sweetly, "You ask."

Zen nodded, but he was secretly amused by Elvinia's behavior. He could tell that Elvinia was trying to make a good impression on him.

"So, you do speak the human language. Tell me. Why did you try to attack us secretly?" Zen asked once more.

"We're insect catchers," one of the green-skinned men answered. "We are trying to catch the

two green-skinned men said anxiously.

Because of this, the Dark Nether Bug that had been slowly crawling forward abruptly stopped. Raising its head to survey its surroundings, its beady eyes darted about vigilantly.

After a while, it let its guard down and continued crawling slowly towards the candle.

One of the two green-skinned men held a long and thin bamboo pole, and the other clutched a rope. Once the Dark Nether Bug crawled into the range of the candlelight, they were ready to catch it.

Zen eyed Elvinia worriedly.

She was still fixated on the Dark Nether Bug. The smell of blood emanating from the bug was a fatal attraction to her.

If it weren't for Zen, she might have pounced on the Dark Nether Bug by now.

"It's almost there! Get ready!" one of the green-skinned men hissed in a low voice.

The other green-skinned man clutched the rope tightly in anticipation. Just as he was about to throw the rope at the bug, the forest trees swayed to the side once more. Three more Dark Nether Bugs emerged, each one twice as big as the first one and as tall as an adult human!

When the two green-skinned men saw the three Dark Nether Bugs, their expressions fell.

Their plan had been to catch only one Dark Nether Bug. But now, with the addition of three more, the situation suddenly became extremely complicated.

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