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   Chapter 3542 The Green-skinned Men

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They traveled dozens of miles in the Dark Region before the surrounding scenery gradually returned to normal.

A number of dark plants formed a boundless jungle.

Zen and Elvinia made to pass through the dense jungle when the branches of the plants began to shake.

One single branch might not be strong, but thousands of branches could entangle even a strong prey to death.

These branches were now considering Zen and Elvinia as potential preys and were preparing to attack them.

Elvinia's eyes flashed as she glared at the approaching branches. "You're about to turn to ash. Excited, are you?" she asked, venom dripping her voice.

These demonic plants were sentient and could think. Elvinia's threat caused them to rapidly shrink away, like ants fleeing in all directions.

The plants had formed a clump in the middle of the jungle, making it difficult to cross. But at Elvinia's threat, they began to part, forming a convenient path as they fell to ground.

"That's more like it," Elvinia sneered and walked forward, her head held high.

Zen smiled and shook his head at her back. It was obvious that these creatures in the Dark Region were terrified of Elvinia.

Once they passed through the dense jungle, they saw dark, high mountains loom up ahead of them. The tops of the mountains seemed to graze the sky, but because of the darkness, they could not tell how high these mountains actually were.

The first thing they had to do after entering the Dark Region was to find the black monkeys.

But they were difficult to find since there was no intelligent creature around.

Zen and Elvinia traveled for a distance along the mountains' lengths when they spotted fire in the distance.

The only thing apart from the Great Sanskrit Light of a purified being that could produce light in the Dark Region was a candle. The light that they could now see was probably produced by a candle.

They approached the light cautiously and as they had expected, spotted a candle not far from them.

The ignited candle sat in an open space, burning alone.

The power of the candlelight could not be compared to that of the Great Sa

es making their way to them on the grass nearby.

Zen was not afraid of these poisonous insects, but the appearance of these strange insects caused Elvinia's hair to stand on end.

Had she not been afraid of alerting the enemy, she would have released massive amounts of Great Sanskrit Light to burn off all the poisonous insects in this area.

Zen and Elvinia had no choice but to retreat from their hiding place. The moment they did so, two green-skinned men rushed out of the grass, moving nimbly as they did.

They had dark red hair that looked like weeds and looked terrifying.

The men had emerged, throwing loops of rope towards Zen and Elvinia.

Zen and Elvinia looked at each other. A tacit understanding passed between them and they did not dodge the rope loops.

The green-skinned men were overjoyed to see that their targets were easily trapped. But before they could tie up the ropes, they felt an irresistible force coming from the other end of the ropes. They were being dragged towards Zen and Elvinia.

The two green-skinned men realized that something was amiss and were about to drop to the ground, intending to jump into the grass. But the moment they did so, they felt two tiny rays of white light flashing past the corners of their eyes. Sharp pain pinched at their feet. Looking downwards, they discovered that the light rays had pierced their feet and they were now firmly nailed to the ground.

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