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   Chapter 3540 Sent To The Dark Region

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The stronghold of the Pear Hill was very safe, as far as Yan and Natalie knew.

It had been a while since they entered the Desire World. Since they had no need to enter the Myriad Spirits City, they never got the chance to come into contact with any of the rather rebellious races on the Other Shore.

All the races in the small town were relatively gentle and peace-keeping. They also treated the Souls of Light of the Pear Hill as equals.

When Yan and Natalie saw the Star Falcons, they were a little worried about their aggressiveness, but never did they expect them to kill Naomi instantly.

Their senior's death was far too much for the two. Instead of feeling scared, they were terribly heartbroken.

"Why?" Yan stared blankly at the dispersing Soul of Light, unable to do a thing.

A Star Falcon dashed into the Pear Hill's stronghold and examined the area, finding a few bold members of the Pear Hill standing in the corner.

"We don't wish to kill anyone," he said. "Yan Luo is all we want—this has nothing to do with the people of the Pear Hill. Where is she?"

Still processing the situation, Yan was about to answer on instinct, but Natalie stepped forward before she could and claimed the name. "I am Yan Luo."

Natalie didn't want to take the risk.

The Star Falcon gave no reason for wanting Yan, but she couldn't let them take her away.

Behind her, Yan was stunned speechless.

Surprisingly, the Star Falcon took one look at Natalie and burst into booming laughter. "Take these two away!"

Once the Star Falcon left the stronghold, two wings came in from the outside. Yan and Natalie were taken to the back of a Star Falcon.

And so the six Star Falcons flew into the air and left the small town.

Watching their figures receding in the distance, Whitehead from the White Ape race finally sighed deeply in relief.

He still felt guilt, but he had always believed that what he did was for the sake of the White Ape race.

By the time the Star Falcon race completed the plan, the White Ape race could return to the Sky Water City and restore their previous glory with the Star Fal

ts City.

Elvinia had been stuck in a coma for an entire day and night before she opened her eyes. She struggled to open her eyes, looking haggard.

Naturally, it took great energy to activate the crack in the light. Even the most powerful purified beings couldn't do it as they pleased.

Just as Elvinia was struggling to get up, a pair of hands gently held her shoulders down before she heard Zen's voice. "Don't move. You just woke up. You're exhausted. You have to have a proper rest."

Elvinia's lips quirked up as she heard the guilt in Zen's voice.

The moment was rather enjoyable on her end—she was hoping Zen could owe her even more in the future.

Before Elvinia could say anything, a Guide Weasel burst in. "Sir, I have something to report!"

Both Zen and Elvinia frowned at the news. "What is it?"

"A Star Falcon has descended outside the City Guard House. He's requesting to see you," replied the Guide Weasel.

"A Star Falcon asked to see me?" Zen was stunned. Was the Star Falcon race ready to admit defeat?

Since it had come to this, it was meaningless to admit defeat. Even if Zen wanted to merely let go of the Star Falcon race, the Guide Weasel race and the Giant race weren't about to let them off so easily.

But Zen went straight to the gate anyway.

Standing at the gate was the Star Falcon. Seeing Zen, he said, "Your sister, Yan, has been sent to the Dark Region."

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