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   Chapter 3538 The Pear Hill Stronghold

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It was known that despite having turned into ashes, things in the Dark Region could not exist in the light.

The white light had eroded them, and as a result their ashes had completely dissipated.

Almost everything was swept away, to the point that the area within a hundred-mile radius was practically spotless and abnormally clean.

As for the creature from the Star Falcon race, Hans, he was now on the verge of death.

He had burned his starry gem, while the Dark Region had eroded his whole body.

"How... How did you make it?" he couldn't help but ask Zen when they fell down together. Apparently, he thought that Zen had created that beam of light.

Zen looked at the Star Falcon in front of him, who was at the last moments of his life. "Because we have a purified being," he said with a smile.

Back in Stage Thirteen of the Other Shore, he had witnessed how Elvinia had released such a terrifyingly powerful burst of light.

Yet at that time, the Great Sanskrit Light, which had descended from the sky, was only sustained for a short period of time. Now, the Great Sanskrit Light that came from the space crack was almost too dazzling, as if it was going to change the entire Dark Region into the Light Region.

It meant only one thing, and that was Elvinia's abilities had improved.

"A purified being?" Hans gasped.

His originally enlarged eyes glinted with anxiety.

Zen noticed it, and wondered what Hans was worried about. Before he could ask about it, Hans' eyes closed shut and he fell straight down.

Zen's eyes narrowed into slits as he looked up at the huge crack in the sky. He suddenly felt curious. "How could the crack be filled with Great Sanskrit Light? What kind of world is inside?" he muttered.

Even Elvinia couldn't answer the question, and unfortunately it was also impossible for him to explore the crack now.

He was still in the Dark Region and didn't know how long the crack would be there. Once it closed, the Dark Region would probably be back again.

Without Hans' disturbance, the thunder wings on his back spread out once more. Zen sped up in the air and quickly left the Dark Region.

The other members of the Star Falcon race had seen Zen and Hans enter the Dark Region, but they didn't expect such a strange thing to happen. When they saw Zen fly back with the help of the thunder wings, all the Star Falcons immediately flew away in all directions.

Zen didn't plan on chasing and killing them anyway.

the Sky Water City.

Besides, he wasn't in a hurry--but the Guide Weasel race and the Giant race were extremely anxious!

Of course, he would leave Stage Fourteen sooner or later. By then, the two races would work together to control the Sky Water City and the Myriad Spirits City. That was what they had been dreaming of for so long. In the past, they could only fantasize about such a thing. Now that they already had a foundation to realize their dreams, what else could they do but pursue them?

To wipe out the Star Falcon race, the Guide Weasel race had most likely instigated the Riverside race to seek help from Zen.

"In this case, you can go there and fight," Zen said faintly.

His words were like a king's decree as Clyde and Raul quickly lit up with excitement. In a snap, they were gone along with the man from the Riverside race.

It wasn't long before the news about the defeat of the Star Falcon race and Hans' death had spread throughout the Sky Water City. At that time, most of the members of the Star Falcon race tried to stabilize and comfort the other races of the Other Shore in the Sky Water City.

When dusk came, six members of the Star Falcon race quietly left the Sky Water City and flew south.

Many great races in the Source World had chosen to establish their strongholds in the Myriad Spirits City or the Sky Water City, but there were some exceptions.

For example, the stronghold of Pear Hill wasn't located in either of those cities, but at another area in Stage Fourteen. After a while of flying in the air, the six members of the Star Falcon race finally landed on top of the Pear Hill stronghold.

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