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   Chapter 3537 The Light From The Crack

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One could compare the Dark Region to a huge, black beast that spanned the eastern region of Stage Fourteen.

The area Zen saw was part of the Dark Region's far end, closest to the Myriad Spirits City.

Hans had no intention of perishing together with Zen. He was the mighty leader of the Star Falcon race! He had a lot to live for.

However, it seemed that death was the only way to go after he discovered Zen's true power.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

There was a sharp sound as the wings outside the ball flapped and carried Zen towards the Dark Region.

"Chief!" one of his followers called out. "There's no need to perish with this human man!"

"Chief, please! There must be another way!"

The other Star Falcons continued to plead as they followed behind their leader.

Only an hour had passed since their attack on the Myriad Spirits City but in that short time period, all elite members of their race had been eliminated. Garth, so mighty and strong, also died in Zen's hands. The only solution Hans could think of in order to subdue Zen was to bring him into the Dark Region.

The Star Falcons could only grovel at his feet to persuade him not to go.

"Get out of the way!" Hans roared, his patience worn thin by his insistent followers.

He had already made his decision and there was no way he was going to change his mind.

His roar sent his followers scampering away. There was no stopping their leader anymore. All they could do was stay out of his way and let him head into the Dark Region.

Meanwhile, Zen was struggling within the ball.

The power released by the Star Stasis was strange. It was a type of sealing power that froze Zen's entire body.

He looked on as the ball took him closer to the Dark Region, his expression growing grimmer by the second.

In between the Heavenly Dark Mountain and the Earthy Dark Mountain was a low mountain ridge.

Elvinia rushed to the foot of the ridge and released her full strength, shooting forward like an arrow.

It emitted a blazing white light that blinded anyone who dared look at it.

The Star Falcons could do nothing but watch as their leader was swallowed in the darkness and disappeared from view.

As soon as Hans entered the Dark Region, the energy within it began to erode his corporeal body.

His hair, his flesh, and even his bones cracked instantly.

Zen, who was wrapped in the Star Stasis, was able to resist.

However, as creatures of the Light Region, it was only a matter of time before they got completely devoured by the darkness.

Just when Hans thought he had achieved his goal, a crack suddenly appeared in the sky and bright light flooded the Dark Region.

This bright light completely won over the darkness and illuminated an area with a radius of a hundred miles.

"What the heck?!"

Hans exclaimed in disbelief.

They were in the Dark Region.

Where in the world did this light come from?

There was no way that was possible. Hans racked his brains but couldn't figure out an explanation.

The creatures of the Dark Region were the ones that bore the brunt of this light's sudden appearance. The moment it touched them, they all burned to ashes and died.

It was in this way that the dark demon plants, which stood ten thousand feet high, and the five-color earthly dragons perished.

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