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   Chapter 3532 Invitation

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In Stage Twenty-nine of the Other Shore, a giant golden-winged bird soared graciously in the air, spreading out the aura of ferocity.

Such golden-winged birds named Garudas might as well be considered the number one predator of the food chain in this stage. Most creatures on the Other Shore and Souls of Light would flinch and dodge every time they came across one.

The Garuda hovered over a cliff that had a sunken path.

Though the path had existed for quite some time, no one knew how or when it was made.

At the end of the path was a Soul of Light, who had a pair of wings spread out behind the back. They resembled the wings of the demon women in the Divine Lair, except they were larger and more powerful. It was Elizabeth - head of the Divine Lair.

"Before these two had set foot into the Desire World, I had asked help from the Star Falcon race. I wanted them to use all their resources and facilities to kill them," she began explaining.

"However, we failed and the Dark Bear race was wiped out."

Previously, she had been too impatient in dealing with Zen in the Chaotic Source World, which had led to much downfall.

After that experience, she knew not to act so rashly again. She had to remain calm in order to win.

But her calmness did not mean surrendering. She had a plan, and she was going to push through with it no matter what.

However, Zen had shown a great amount of strength the moment he entered the Desire World. He was sure to pose a great threat to her race and their allies.

"Humph! We should not have relied on the Sun Crow race in the first place!" the person beside Elizabeth spewed out. This person was one of the Five-element Emissaries of the Bearing race, the Earth Emissary.

Elizabeth's face darkened at the sound of this. "How can you blame the Sun Crow race for this? The two humans are too powerful. One of them is a purified being!"

The Earth Emissary gasped, "A purified being? How did this purified being even set foot into the Desire World? You might be dreaming." There was no way the Earth Emissary was going to buy it.

When the word spread about Elvinia, they had already speculated that she was a purified being from the very beginning. She was the daughter of Eastern Emperor Taiyi, but she suddenly reappeared on the Other Shore with a clear appearance. Her being a purified being was the only reasonable explanation for this to happen.

But her presence in the Desire World had confused everyone, including Elizabeth.

It was of common knowledge that purified beings could not roam around all st

dly Way had something in common with the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent.

Zen felt great and happy that his strength had been improved. He didn't plan to stop after refining that first Body-strengthening Jade.

Breaking Zen's solitude, Elvinia stepped in and spread out her arms, smiling at him. "What do you think?"

She wore an ocean blue dress that had light green lace detailing at the hem. Her dress was exquisite, beautiful, and at the same time, emitted a tiny bit of energy.

"You look extraordinary. Was it made by the Guide Weasel race?" Zen asked, appreciating the beauty in front of him.

"Yes! I didn't expect them to be so good with their hands," she said giddily. The dress was not only powerful, but it put her in a great mood.

Zen nodded in agreement. Just then, he picked up another piece of Body-strengthening Jade and handed it to her. "You're here just in time," he said. "Try and see if you can refine this jade."

As a purified being, Elvinia was physically and mentally strong. However, she still had things to learn, like how to use her power wisely.

Zen didn't doubt that she could refine the jade. It seemed that the Other Shore creatures were able to do it, so it should be nothing to Elvinia.

She blinked a couple times and then took the cool-to-touch jade in her hand. "Okay," she said and then turned around and took a seat right next to Zen.

All of a sudden, the stone in her hand shone a brilliant light. "I forgot to tell you something," she said, looking at Zen intently.

"What is it?" Zen asked.

"I invited Letitia and Margaret to live in my Phoenix Palace for a while," she replied, trying not to look him in the eye.

Zen was stunned upon hearing this.

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