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   Chapter 3531 The Other Shore Key

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All of the golden blood around Zen's body started to circulate, and the sclerites continued to unfold. His hands instantly became much thicker and stronger. The sclerites on his back broke through his skin, turning into sharp thorns.

Meanwhile, the sclerite at the end of his backbone spread out completely and extended into a strong tail.

The tail was similar to that of the Ghost Scorpion on the Other Shore. There was even a black needle embedded on its end!

"What happened to me? Why did I change into this?" he complained. He awkwardly stood there like a fool as he observed the changes in his body.

On the other hand, No. 9527 and the Regal Jade Spirit were used to the change of form. After all, they knew that the physical body was just a vessel.

Zen, however, was still unable to accept it at the moment. If he had three heads and six arms, at least he maintained the human shape, but now he was like a monster.

"It's normal to change into the form of the Chaos Ancient God. Don't forget that my master, Gerald, is actually a huge scorpion. In the last round of chaos, he belonged to the Spiritual Scorpion Civilization," No. 9527 comforted him.

Zen had previously seen Gerald's initial appearance in the illusion created by the Snake Goddess, which was in the form of a huge scorpion. Still, he didn't expect himself to turn into a scorpion.

He thought for a while, and then a helpless smile graced his lips. "You are right. I will not show my strange appearance in front of others!" he declared.

He unfolded his hands again, and the green vortex began to gather between his thick palms.

Square Truth Crystals appeared between his hands and quickly accumulated in the vortex. As he placed his hands above his head, a bright green star was formed.

Despite his efforts to suppress it, it was already a thousand times more powerful than the previous Falling Star Palm. If the star fell, the training room would probably be destroyed completely. Thus, he was careful not to drop it.

The energy aura of truth level the vortex had released carried a strong penetrating power. The Land of Sword Grief's training room could block most of the energy aura, but no one expected that som

ed from the seeds. Of course, it made Fuxi and the Snake Goddess disappointed. After all, the last seed was hung on the tree as their beacon of hope. They had never picked it off, and at last they gave it to Zen.

They didn't expect that there was an Other Shore Key hidden in the last seed!

Zen carefully protected the seed, and then sent it into his inner world to let Geoffrey decipher it.

By now, Geoffrey was quite familiar with such things. After he had deciphered the Sanskrit word on the Other Shore Key, he said, "Stage Seventeen of the Other Shore..."

Since Zen now had the map and also knew that the temple was located on Stage Seventeen of the Other Shore, it would be easy for him to accurately confirm its position. The other words Geoffrey had said seemed to be meaningless, but they were similar to the Truth of Godly Way. With those words, he could bring the Other Shore Key straight to the Other Shore.

Fortunately, he had done something similar on Stage One of the Other Shore. "Stage Seventeen of the Other Shore?" he said as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Stage Seventeen was not far from Stage Fourteen. His current abilities could allow him to dash there in a snap.

But, why was an Other Shore Key of Stage Seventeen hidden in the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed? Who had put this key inside? What did it have to do with the Pear Hill?

After Zen settled down in Stage Fourteen of the Other Shore, he decided to investigate this matter.

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