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   Chapter 3530 Transformation

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6025

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As the Truth Crystal turned solid, Zen waved his hand at it. It began to dissipate into a green eddy.

Zen gently hooked one of his fingers, then it turned into a stream of energy and dashed toward the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed.

There were six cracks on the surface of the seed, hence the name. The energy merged with the seed, slowly seeping through the cracks and flowing into the seed.

The azure blue light of the seed gradually faded, replaced by a cyan green light. The seed now contained the bloodline of the Chaos Ancient God!

"The power of the bloodline is so strong." Zen's eyes showed a hint of surprise.

It was no wonder the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed was extremely precious in the Source World. Any bloodline could be directly copied by the seed once it was absorbed. It was a truly amazing ability.

"What a fascinating object!" exclaimed No. 9527.

Zen reached out his hand and pointed at the seed. At this, the seed promptly darted straight into his open mouth.

It felt strange to swallow the seed after the bloodline had fused into it. But Zen just followed what the Snake Goddess told him to do.

At first, nothing happened after Zen swallowed the seed. But soon, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

Zen could see that the seed had unfurled in his belly. In the middle of the seed, a green ball of light had started to glow. Each time a beam of light burst out, he felt a burst of sharp pain.

The green light was the power of Gerald's bloodline.

The power of the bloodline soon seeped into Zen's internal organs. It flowed, almost consciously, along the meridians in his body, gathering in his chest. A small sclerite began to grow out from the area.

"The second sclerite!"

As No. 9527 said this, more sclerites started to grow on Zen's chest,

ivation room, adjusting to his new body structure. Soon enough, he began to grow accustomed to it. He started to run and jump. He adapted very quickly. It wasn't long before he was using those sclerites as if he was born with them.

"The sclerites on both sides of the stomach protect the elixir field well."

"Those on the legs bring greater support, boosting the legs' power."

"Interesting! These sclerites did not grow randomly, but in a way that perfectly enhanced my body."

Zen stopped moving with a satisfied look on his face.

"Of course! My master is perfect. Otherwise, he would not have made it from the last chaos to this one," No. 9527 pointed out, matter-of-factly.

"I want to try the truth-level theurgy."

Zen stretched his arms, and the eight hundred and sixty-one new sclerites inside his body responded accordingly.

The power of a single Truth Crystal was indeed not enough. But Zen was now able to mobilize all the sclerites in his body. His entire body was filled with the bloodline from the Chaos Ancient God. He was no longer the same as before.


Before No. 9257 could stop him, Zen already activated all the sclerites. A strange scene unfolded.

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