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   Chapter 3529 The Sclerite

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The Myriad Spirits City was a place with a long, colorful history. After all, it had existed longer than the present round of chaos.

Both Flamine and Eastern Emperor Taiyi had travelled across the Desire World and passed by the Myriad Spirits City.

They were rather weak during that time. They faced much more powerful beings from the Other Shore and had to swallow all the insults and live in silence, just like other feeble creatures.

Therefore, they had never thought that Zen and Elvinia would've occupied the Myriad Spirits City as soon as they entered the Desire World.

"Those two youngsters are more ambitious than I was," Eastern Emperor Taiyi mused with a faint smile.

Flamine blinked a few times before she anxiously said, "The Element Spirit race is currently the dominant race on the Other Shore, while many races from the Source World such as the Bearing race and the Sun Crow race control the different stages of the Other Shore, respectively. Since Elvinia and Zen did such big acts, I'm afraid those races would take revenge on them."

"Hmph! Even if they didn't commit such acts, they still might be attacked," Eastern Emperor Taiyi said coldly. "I'm only afraid that the ruler of Stage Fourteenth of the Other Shore would do something against Elvinia. I'm not afraid of anything else."

Without a doubt, Elvinia's successful rise into the Desire World was great news for the Oneness Sky Palace.

After all, a purified being who could grow was terrifying.

The Bearing race and the Sun Crow race would definitely regard her as a thorn in their flesh. With her strength as a purified being, however, she had no reason to be afraid of ordinary creatures on the Other Shore, or even powerful creatures in the Dark Region. She could easily melt all of them with her Great Sanskrit Light.

Yet, there was a ruler in charge of the Dark Region in each stage, starting from Stage Fourteen of the Other Shore. It would be rather troublesome if Elvinia confronted such a ruler.

"So, I'll send a message to the two young ones and tell them to be careful," said Flamine with a nod.

"Alright," Eastern Emperor Taiyi agreed as his eyes glimmered with deep light. "Now, it's almost time to have a showdown. I hope that they can both grow up quickly and rise to a higher stage. In that case, maybe they can help the Oneness Sky Palace."

A smile graced Flamine's face. "They will definitely be able to help the Oneness Sky Palace. As of now, Elvinia has reached the suitable age for marriage. Your

tion room, Zen held in his palm the seed that emitted blue light.

"If I refine the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed, will Chiyou's bloodline disappear completely?" he asked No. 9527 with a bit of hesitation. He simply wanted to obtain more blood of the Chaos Ancient God in order to become stronger, but he was still a member of the Nine Li race.

If he eliminated all traces of his original bloodline, then he would no longer have any blood connection with the Nine Li race.

"Hey, there's nothing to worry about! The Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed will not change your bloodline. It can only copy blood. When you have copied enough blood of my master, the sclerite on your chest will continue to grow. You can store the extra blood in the sclerite," No. 9527 answered.

"The sclerite..."

When Zen had merged with the Chaos Ancient God's bloodline for the first time, a sclerite started to grow on his chest. No. 9527 had previously hid inside the sclerite, and the Truth Crystal had come out from it as well.

Since then, he had never had the chance to procure any more blood of the Chaos Ancient God, so the sclerite didn't grow.

Now that it was unnecessary for him to worry about his original bloodline, he didn't hesitate anymore.

He gently tossed the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed and made it float in front of his chest. He then put his palms over his chest, which activated the Chaos Ancient God's bloodline. Green light gathered around his hands, and a Truth Crystal gradually took shape.

It wasn't difficult for him to refine the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seed. The Snake Goddess had simply given him some instructions, which he had always kept in mind.

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