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   Chapter 3526 Confused

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While the disciples of the Land of Sword Grief sulked, the door of one of the training rooms suddenly opened. Looking up, they saw Elvinia walk out with grace.

Though Elvina was someone with special status, her room in the Land of Sword Grief was still in accordance with her ranking.

"Princess Elvinia?"

"She came out!"

"Did she manage to escape?"

For the senior disciples on the first floor, Elvinia was doomed the moment she agreed to face against the Ghost Scorpion. However, she could still escape since she wasn't obstructed by the Soul Binding Thread. She could definitely run away at such a critical time.

Abdul stepped forward and respectfully cupped his hands. "Princess Elvinia, how are things going in the Myriad Spirits City?"

She gave him a cold glare. "Everything is fine. Zen just asked me to inform you all that it's safe to go back to the stronghold now."


"We can go back?"

"How is the Ghost Scorpion?"

Elvinia retained her aloofness and refused to answer any of their questions. The only person she was really nice to was Zen and that wasn't going to change anytime soon.

With her message delivered, Elvinia turned around and made her way back, making sure to slam the door in her wake.

"Princess Elvinia!"

"Just what on earth happened in the Myriad Spirits City?"

The disciples continued to hurl their questions at her despite her departure.

No matter how loud they shouted though, Elvinia did not answer them, preferring solitude in her training room.

Now they were even more confused.

"What should we do?" someone asked. Another disciple shrugged in noncommittal reply.

Could they really trust Elvinia's words? What if it turned out that the situation in Myriad Spirits City hadn't been dealt with? Entering the Other Shore rashly could then lead to serious consequences. It would be like courting death!

Chaim, however, had already been convinced. "Since Princess Elvinia said it's been solved, then I guess we can go back now."

Milo nodded in agreement. "I believe her too!"

"Really? What if Zen was captured and tied by the Ghost Scorpion who then threatened Elvinia to lure us back to the Other Shore?" Abdul muttered in panic.

It was a bit far-fetched but nobody refuted what he said.

Everything was possib

nd of Sword Grief followed, sitting cross-legged in order to enter the Other Shore.


More and more Souls of Light appeared within the Oneness Sky Palace's stronghold as everyone arrived.

Abdul was the first to walk out the stronghold and saw the Ear Mouse Chaim had mentioned earlier.

The Ear Mouse let out a squeak as it regarded the new arrivals. "It seems everyone has arrived safely. Please come with me!"

Abdul's brows furrowed in confusion. "Come with you?" he repeated. "Where?" However, the Ear Mouse wasn't going to give him a straight answer.

"You'll know when we get there."

There wasn't anything abnormal in front of the stronghold but Abdul and the senior disciples couldn't help but remain uneasy with their surroundings.

Then again, the moment Abdul decided to come back here, he had already decided to risk everything. Thus, he followed the Ear Mouse.

If something bad burst out suddenly, then Abdul was ready to get out of the Other Shore and never venture into it ever again.

The senior disciples followed Abdul's lead, walking out of the small path and heading towards the wide road.

Unbeknown to them, the shocking news of what had taken place in the Myriad Spirits City already spread like wildfire.

The matter about the Oneness Sky Palace was made known to the many races of the Other Shore.

As the human Souls of Light traversed the road, they were not met with the usual scorn or contempt. Instead, the races of the Other Shore treated them with a hint of reverence.

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