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   Chapter 3521 Dismemberment

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All the Other Shore creatures that lurked, peeped, and eavesdropped in the buildings on both sides of the road couldn't believe their ears.

"What did that young human say? Did I hear it wrong?"

"He was threatening Master Ghost Scorpion!"

"Oh, my God! He must be crazy!"

The Ghost Scorpion might not be the strongest Other Shore creature in the Myriad Spirits City, but he was definitely a local powerhouse. He controlled almost the entire underground world in the north of the Myriad Spirits City by himself, and even the City Guard House couldn't do anything to him.

Whoever dared to provoke him would have a miserable ending. Usually, they seldom had the chance to see the sunrise on the next day.

Yet, there was Zen, who unhesitatingly instigated such a being. The creatures on the Other Shore all thought something was wrong with him.

The Souls of Light of the Bearing race, the Sun Crow race, and other races, who stayed on the terrace of the oval-shaped building three thousand feet away, were also shocked and confused at Zen's words.

"That guy's reaction is a little unexpected..."

"Humph! He is only trying to pretend and bluff when he is dying!"

"Anyway, he knows he is going to die. Maybe he felt it was good to pretend to be a hero before he dies."

In their opinion, it was still impossible for Zen to fight against the Ghost Scorpion even if he had a corporeal body. After all, it had cost them a lot of resources to hire the Ghost Scorpion.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Scorpion went stiff for about a dozen seconds, before he finally let out a muffled wild laugh.


As the Ghost Scorpion's laughs rang out, the female members of the Fragrant Butterfly race behind him burst into giggles as well.

"Humans are so interesting. I..."

Before the Ghost Scorpion could finish his words, Zen took a step forward.

That one step he took towards the Ghost Scorpion was over a hundred feet.

He was able to do so because he used his heels to generate power and forcefully suppress the ground, thereby leaving a crater behind. At the same time, he stretched his hand towards the Ghost Scorpion and gently passed by his body. Then, he stood behind his opponent, at the side of the female members of the Fragrant Butterfly race.

At that moment, his hand was holding the Ghost Scorpion's right arm.

"He didn't tell the truth, so I have no choice but to let him die in pain. Take it," he said flatly.

The female members of the Fragrant Butter


Just now, he had been thinking about how to deal with this arrogant and unruly human. But less than half a minute later, he had almost been dismembered by Zen. He could not help but doubt the facticity of all this.

"I'll give you one more chance to tell me whose orders you're under," Zen asked.

He thought he had guessed it correctly, but still he wanted to confirm his guess.

Without even launching any powerful attack, the Ghost Scorpion had lost his arms, legs, and even his tail. It was not until then that he was finally filled with fear.

He had accepted the commission without thinking too much. Now, it turned out that he had fallen into such a deep pit, which was way beyond what he had predicted.

He felt a lot of remorse and hatred for the one who had asked him to do all this. "It's the Star Falcon race! The damn Star Falcon race!" Ghost Scorpion shouted loudly.

Zen had just arrived at the Myriad Spirits City and didn't know much about the races on the Other Shore in the Desire World, so of course, he didn't know anything about the Star Falcon race.

An Ear Mouse who was not far away explained to him, "The Star Falcon race is a major race in Stage Fourteen of the Other Shore. They occupy another city, which is called Sky Water City. They have been supporting the Sun Crow race."

The Ear Mice were well-informed, so they clearly knew about such information.

"The Sun Crow race?" Zen pursed his lips.

"Let me go..."

Just as the Ghost Scorpion was about to beg for mercy, he saw that Zen had stretched his hand towards his head. When he realized what was about to happen, his head was already decapitated.

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