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   Chapter 3520 Tell The Truth

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Zen's identity had already been exposed in the Chaotic Source World.

At least from the Soaring Snake Sword, they could easily tell where Zen came from.

Perhaps the Bearing race wouldn't attack the Oneness Sky Palace so soon, but that didn't mean that they wouldn't want to assault Zen on the Other Shore.

It was known that the Oneness Sky Palace's stronghold on Stage Fourteen was not difficult to find, and it was easy to observe the movements of their disciples.

Thus, it would be effortless for the Bearing race to use the Other Shore creatures to attack him. "When will it end?" Elvinia asked.

"When they are afraid," Zen said as the corner of his lips curved up. He slowly got up and announced, "You step back. I'll fight this battle."

After all, the sharp edge of the Ghost Scorpion's tail contained a highly toxic poison, and he didn't want Elvinia to take the risk.

In reality, he had indeed guessed the truth.

When he and the other members of the Oneness Sky Palace entered the Desire World, the Sun Crow race discovered them. Soon enough, the news quickly spread to the other races.

The Oneness Sky Palace was weak on Stage Fourteen, a complete opposite to the powerful forces on Stage Fourteen like the Bearing race, the Divine Farmer race, and the Sun Crow race.

There were a total of two cities on Stage Fourteen, namely, the Myriad Spirits City and the Sky Water City. There were a large number of Other Shore creatures in these two cities. The Star Falcon race, which came from the same origin as the Sun Crow race, was the leading force in the Sky Water City. The relationship between those two races was similar to that of the Separate Abyss race and the Abyss Spirit race.

Although the Star Falcon race didn't exactly hold great power in the Myriad Spirits City, they were still a powerful Other Shore race, and it was still easy for them to deal with the likes of the Oneness Sky Palace--which appeared on the Other Shore in the form of souls.

Three thousand feet away from the wooden building of the Oneness Sky Palace was an oval-shaped building with a terrace on top. More than a dozen Souls of Light stood on the terrace, which turned out to be from the Bearing race, the Sun Crow race, and other two races.

"At first, I was worried that if they directly retreated from the Other Shore, then we would have no way to deal with them," a Soul of Light said in a lazy voice.


"Master Ghost Scorpion..."

Just as one Ear Mouse was still trying to persuade the Ghost Scorpion to change his mind, Zen interrupted them and said, "I appreciate your kindness, but I'll take care of this."

The Ear Mice who sat on the back of the giant mice looked at Zen in confusion.

According to the information they had obtained before, Thad was powerful, but he might not be strong enough to fight against the Ghost Scorpion.

"Did you hear that? This little guy doesn't want you to intervene. Mice, you'd better get out of here," the Ghost Scorpion chuckled. He seemed to become more and more interested in Zen. Zen's next words, however, suddenly made his body stiff.

"Let's continue our conversation about who ordered you to kill me. Now, tell me the truth, and I can give you a quick death," Zen said in a calm voice, as if he had already decided the fate of the Ghost Scorpion.

The women of the Fragrant Butterfly race, who watched from behind, were all stunned.

The Ear Mice beside them were also dumbfounded, and even the giant mice that they sat on stared at Zen with eyes wide open.

Only Elvinia, who stood in front of the wooden building, looked rather indifferent.

At that point, rays of light that were as thin as needles danced nimbly on her fingertips.

Recently, she had gotten more and more proficient in using the Great Sanskrit Light. The light her fingers emitted looked ethereal, and could change into almost any shape according to her will. In addition to being able to turn it into clothes, she also wanted to try if she could turn it into a pair of wings.

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