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   Chapter 3519 Taking Action Personally

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The members of the Tail Insect race had received an order from the Ghost Scorpion asking them to kill everyone belonging to the Oneness Sky Palace.

It never occurred to them that no Soul of Light from the Oneness Sky Palace remained on the Other Shore. Moreover, a powerful human being was now standing before them. How could they not be afraid?

The remaining members of the Tail Insect race panicked and began to chuck the green grass balls at Zen.

Before the balls could explode, another figure appeared behind them. It was none other than Elvinia.

A long sword appeared in Elvinia's hand.

She did not want to touch these dirty bugs.

When she had found a long sword in the stronghold of the Oneness Sky Palace, she had known that it would come in handy, even though it was ordinary.

She slashed the sword at the creatures, drawing a long, uneven line that turned green almost instantly. Every member of the Tail Insect race, except the last one, dropped dead.

Zen walked out of the billowing green smoke. Elvinia glanced at him and said, "You're tainted with this smoke. What if you can't get out of the Other Shore?"

"I don't intend to leave," Zen said with a smile.

Elvinia pursed her lips. The Ghost Scorpion hadn't shown up yet, and they didn't know how powerful the Ghost Scorpion was. But Zen looked pretty confident.

"You, you...," the last survivor uttered, his voice trembling.

"Tell the Ghost Scorpion to come and meet us in person," Zen said, his voice sending chills through the survivor's spine.

Relieved, the Tail Insect quickly made his escape.

News traveled fast among the races in the Myriad Spirits City.

The news that a number of Tail Insects had died in close proximity to the Oneness Sky Palace's stronghold spread like wildfire. The Tail Insect race followed the Ghost Scorpion, which meant that the Oneness Sky Palace would surely have pissed off the Ghost Scorpion this time.

"The Oneness Sky Palace? Human beings can only enter the Other Shore with their souls, right?"

"These souls have always been weak and easy to bully. They are courteous when they meet the members of our race. How dare they provoke the Ghost Scorpion?"

"They are in serious trouble!"

The ones who were curious moved towards the Oneness Sky Palace's stronghold. Some hid behind the wall and some went into the living area to secret

ll the story.

"Sir, is it necessary for you to kill the two human beings?" a woman from the Fragrant Butterfly race asked.

The Ghost Scorpion squinted and responded, "I will take personal action against them."

The Ghost Scorpion rarely left his underground cave.

He had lurked in the Myriad Spirits City for many years, and didn't get on well with the City Guard House. But the City Guard House couldn't do anything about him. Catching the Ghost Scorpion was a distant daydream for the City Guard House.

"But will the City Guard House..." another woman from the Fragrant Butterfly race said worriedly.

"Don't worry. The City Guard House won't create any disturbance," the Ghost Scorpion sneered.

The Ghost Scorpion then led the women of the Fragrant Butterfly race onto the path. Soon, they spotted Zen and Elvinia in the distance.

His six pairs of eyes glowed with a bright red light. And as he noticed the corpses of the three giant red scorpions, he filled with rage. How dare these insignificant human beings kill the members of the Red Scorpion Squad!

Zen still sat there in silence, a calm expression on his face.

The moment he saw the Ghost Scorpion's sturdy black body, and his thin, long tail, he spoke, "You are finally here."

"All of this will be over if we kill the Ghost Scorpion, won't it?" Elvinia asked.

"It's hard to say," Zen said, shaking his head.

After Zen and Elvinia had entered the Myriad Spirits City, these creatures had caused trouble for the Oneness Sky Palace, which was not coincidental. There must be a reason for it.

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