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   Chapter 3515 Trade Your Life For The Jade

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The insect man's request gave Abdul a terrible headache.

Thirty finger-size chunks of soul crystal were equivalent to around 30 million soul pills. Even if the Body-strengthening Jade wasn't considered useful for Souls of Light, it still wasn't cheap and cost around 20 million soul pills.

Normally, fifty million soul pills weren't that high of a price for the Oneness Sky Palace; however, the costs added up considering they had paid five times over the course of six months to a different race each time!

"My friends, don't you think you've asked too much from us?" Abdul asked with a frown.

The insect man smirked. Without any warning, he raised his right arm from which a pointed cone flew out, brushing past Abdul's side and hitting the wooden building behind him. The round hole left behind by the cone was not a reassuring sight.

"This is the price set by Master Ghost Scorpion. Surely you won't dare disobey?"

This Ghost Scorpion was very notorious in the Myriad Spirits City, often cited as one of the most powerful forces in it.

"We've already paid a lot to the city guards this year..." Abdul countered.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Those guards are entirely different from Master Ghost Scorpion. Bah! I'm wasting my time with you Souls of Light!" the insect man spat, raising the sharp cone in his hand.

There were rules set in the Myriad Spirits City against fighting but the Oneness Sky Palace did not have a good foothold in terms of power and influence. It wouldn't be seen as that big of a deal if the Tail Insect race killed a couple of Souls of Light.

Realizing that he was left with no room for negotiation, Abdul was forced to retreat and return to the wooden building.

He was able to survive Stage Seventeen with his strength.

But there were not many people in the Land of Sword Grief, so the Oneness Sky Palace saw it fit to send some of them to guard this place every once in a while.

It was an annoying job. Even though Abdul hated it, he had no choice but to obey what the Oneness Sky Palace told him to do.

He collected the necessary amount of soul crystal and Body-strengthening Jade, reluctantly handing them over to the people of the Tail Insect race.

Abdul couldn't help but feel extremely depressed when he handed over those 30 finger-size chunks of soul crystal!

That amount could've greatly strengthened his Soul of Light.

It was understandable that he would be greatly unwilling to give them to other races.

Abdul could o

reat them seriously. The Other Shore was filled with creatures strange, powerful, and strong so this bit of weirdness wasn't as concerning to them as one would think. "What are we supposed to be waiting for?"

In contrast to the disinterested Tail Insect race, the new disciples, Abdul, and the senior disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace were practically beaming with hope at the sight of Elvinia.

She had a body! Their only hope now was that she was strong enough to protect them. They still worried a great deal about her since they weren't sure just how powerful she was. Angering a master in the Myriad Spirits City could potentially be bad news to the Oneness Sky Palace.

"I have the pieces of jade," Zen said, taking out a few and showing them to the members of the Tail Insect race.

Perhaps it was because the two had physical bodies that made the Tail Insect race slightly more courteous. "You should have taken them out a long time ago since you had them! Ha!" The insect man let out a hearty laugh and motioned to take the jade away from Zen's hand.

Abdul and the others heaved a sigh of relief. This should be enough to buy peace for some time.

However, just as the insect man was about to take his earnings, Zen retracted his hand. "I didn't say I was going to give them to you for free."

He was obviously teasing and the insect man did not appreciate it one bit. "What do you mean?"

Zen tilted his head and smirked. "If you want them, pay for them with your life."

When he said this, a strong wave of killing intent suddenly burst out from Elvinia. Her entire body trembled with raw power as she grabbed the head of one of the insect men.

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