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   Chapter 3514 Blackmail

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Two giant figures stood at the main entrance of the Myriad Spirits City.

The giants were as tall as hills, but their heads were not much larger than a human's.

They would have made for a funny sight were it not for their threatening auras. The weapons in their hands were only ordinary-looking, thick wooden clubs, but light constantly flashed through the cracks on them.

They were clearly not ordinary weapons.

When the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace arrived at the gate, one of the giants shifted the thick wooden club in his hand and blocked the way.

The senior disciples of the Land of Sword Grief were used to this. One of them walked forward and talked to the two giants politely. He took out some soul pills from his space ring.

The cost of entering the Myriad Spirits City was not high, but there were more than a hundred disciples, so in sum, it was a large expense. Fortunately, the Oneness Sky Palace would foot the bill.

But even after the senior disciple paid the soul pills, the giant refused to open the door. He pointed at Zen and Elvinia with his wooden club. "Those two can't enter!"

Zen and Elvinia frowned.

The giant didn't seem to be highly intelligent and only knew souls. He apparently saw Zen and Elvinia as creatures on the Other Shore. Even if strictly speaking, they didn't really belong to that classification.

"Why?" the senior disciple asked, confused.

"You have to pay tenfold soul pills for creatures on the Other Shore," the giant said.

No one from the Oneness Sky Palace had ever come to the Myriad Spirits City with their corporeal bodies before, so even the senior disciples of the Land of Sword Grief had no idea about this rule.

Tenfold soul pills were not a big amount. Moreover, the Oneness Sky Palace would compensate for the extra soul pills. The senior disciple paid them without hesitation, and even gave another twenty thousand soul pills to the two giants as a gift.

After receiving the extra soul pills, the two giants grinned contentedly and turned to press their hands on the huge door.

Creak! Creak!

The huge door was pushed open by the two giants.

'The giants' strength is about 1, 200 divine megatons, ' Zen thought to

inated Stage Eleven and had all the super forces in the Source World under their command. The creatures in the Desire World were stronger and were in larger numbers. Naturally, the Souls of Light didn't have as high a status as them.

However, Zen still found it unbelievable just how low the Souls of Light's status here was.

As they approached, they saw several creatures walk through another path. These creatures walked upright with two feet, but their heads resembled that of insects, their arms as sharp as steel cones.

They gathered around the doorway of the wooden building. "Come out and meet us!" one of them called out in a sharp voice.

At this, several Souls of Light hurried out, led by Abdul. There were usually some disciples guarding the stronghold of the Oneness Sky Palace.

Abdul was usually arrogant and fierce in front of disciples who had just reached the Chaotic Source Realm, but he was very subservient to the insect men. "My friends, what brings you here?"

The leader of the insect men scoffed disdainfully, "You are merely Souls of Light. How dare you claim to be the Oneness Sky Palace? That's hilarious! But no matter! When will you give us the thirty finger-size chunks of soul crystal and thirty jades?" the insect-looking leader demanded.

The reason the weak Souls of Light had difficulty establishing a foothold in the Myriad Spirits City was that they were constantly blackmailed like this by these creatures on the Other Shore.

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