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   Chapter 3513 Myriad Spirits City

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The use of the metal token was to control the energy vortex.

Before Zen pulled it out, the Sanskrit words orbiting it emitted a red light.

Zen immediately came to the conclusion that the red light indicated Elvinia's existence as the purified being. When the token sensed the presence of a purified being stepping into the energy vortex, its mechanisms would be triggered to activate. The following reaction would be so vicious that it would cause the purified being to instantly perish inside the energy vortex.

Although Zen had managed to extend the energy vortex to a considerable degree, there was still a chance of him facing an assault if he left the iron house to enter the channel.

Because of that, it was in his best interest to pick it up and take it with him.

Upon reaching the lower floor of the iron house, Zen prepared to move past the darkness to leave the house. Before he could make his way out, he heard a familiar voice call out to him from behind.

"Wait, stop!" Elvinia demanded as she stopped in her tracks.

"What's wrong?" Zen asked, looking back, seemingly confused by her sudden change of mind.

Her eyes were barren of all emotions, as they screamed of murderous intents. "The Element Spirit Civilization is too powerful. We can't afford to offend them. They won't let us go that easily, as we've taken too many things."

As she spoke, her fingers glowed visibly as a light began to gather at her fingertips.

The monsters behind the iron bars of the cages became aware of her intentions for them. They shrunk themselves to a corner as they trembled in fear.

The Shape-shifting Spirit pleaded pitifully, "Please, I beg of you... Spare us! I've told you everything I know, just don't kill us..."

However, Elvinia stood with an unfaltering resolve. She showed no signs of going back on her decision.

Just as the blazing white light slowly became more violent amidst the darkness, Zen quickly acted up and grabbed ahold of her arm. "Stop it, Elvinia. Let them go."

Elvinia glanced at Zen with questioning eyes reflecting complicated emotions. She turned away and said in a low voice, "Don't blame me for being cold-blooded. You know the consequences of letting them go."

She was aware of Zen's tendency to feel sympathetic towards others and treat them with leniency. However, she didn't expect him to stop her in this situation.

"No, you have my word. My lips are sealed. I won't utter a word to anyone!" The Shape-shifting Spirit begged as it screamed with its voice filled with sincerity to gain Zen's favor. It even went as far as to morph into a human girl and got on its knees to plead with both hands clasped near its chest.

At this sight, Zen couldn't help but let out a loud sigh. Even if the spirit kept its word and didn't expose them, its master would still have various means of obtaining information from its memory.

He turned his gaze towards the monsters and asked, "You have been confined for so long. Have you

d or Elvinia, it was clear both of them would prove to be a great help to the Oneness Sky Palace.

After all the disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace gathered, they were led out of the stone platform by the senior disciples of the Land of Sword Grief, and they headed towards the depths of Stage Fourteen.

Although they were both situated on the Other Shore, the Lust World and the Desire World were notably different from one another.

Stage Thirteen in the Lust World was capable of applying pressure on the Souls of Light, but that pressure was resistible. However, the purple light curtain hanging in the sky of the Desire World put even more intense pressure onto them.

Some of the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace were unable to resist it. Hence, they were forced to constantly consume soul pills after walking a certain distance to support themselves.

After a short period of being led by the senior disciples, they passed through a mountain. Their gaze fell upon a huge city placed in front of them, with massive aura emanating from it.

Zen had encountered cities before in the Lust World. He had visited the large city of the Abyss Spirit race.

However, the number of creatures in the Lust World could not be compared with that of the Desire World. Even their strength was on a league of its own. The city of the Abyss Spirit race was simply not on par with the one in front.

"Are there living creatures of the Other Shore in that city?" A new disciple asked while giving his shoulders a nervous rub.

"Of course, this is the Myriad Spirits City. It obviously has creatures of the Other Shore inside it, and their numbers are immense. But don't worry. As there are many powerful races in this stage, creatures have to follow the rules. As long as they don't act recklessly, we'll be safe," a senior disciple replied to calm the nerves of the anxious disciple.

Even the senior disciples were nervous when they stepped into Stage Fourteen for the first time.

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