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   Chapter 3512 Rummage Around

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The energy vortex swirled and constantly changed its shape in Zen's hands.

According to the information Geoffrey and the Shape-shifting Spirit had provided, the guard might be able to control the energy vortex freely through this way.

Then again, that was only his guess. After all, he was in the iron house, so he couldn't see the outside world.

The sight of Zen rubbing the energy vortex's phantom made Elvinia a little curious. "Go to the door and see if those energy bands disperse," he ordered.

In turn, Elvinia nodded and went downstairs to the entrance of the iron house.

When she looked out along the entryway, her face looked slightly surprised.

The energy bands had besieged the iron house, but now the energy bands were far away.

She immediately returned to the upper floor and told Zen, "Those energy bands are already far away."

It looked like Zen had already guessed it, though. He pointed to the energy vortex in his hand and said, "The iron house is in this part of the energy vortex, and we're out of the vortex now."

"If that's the case, can we step into the Desire World directly?" Elvinia asked. However, Zen shook his head and replied, "Maybe we can't."

The Other Shore seemed to be a complex multi-layer space.

Moreover, the Desire World and the Lust World might not be in the same space. On the other hand, the energy vortex played a role in connecting the two worlds.

Therefore, anyone who wanted to enter the Desire World had to go through the energy vortex.

"Then what should we do?" Elvinia asked, her eyes blinking a few times. Despite her questions, Elvinia was also clever enough to figure it out on her own.

As she stayed with Zen, however, it seemed that she didn't think too much about it.

"Since the energy vortex can be controlled, it's easy for us to go through it," Zen said with a smile.

At that moment, he reached out and grabbed the phantom of the energy vortex again. He gently fiddled with it, and then the energy vortex became elongated. Finally, he was able to expand the passageway in the middle.

In Stage Fourteen, the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace saw that the energy vortex wriggled a few times before it returned to its original state, but the energy channel, which was already restored to its original state, was still twisting. This energy vortex stretched

use the Body-strengthening Jade to refine the body, which could quickly strengthen the body.

It was also the good way for the cultivation of the Wild Gods!

In the past, the warriors didn't need any Chaotic Source Spirit.

It was still a pity that the Truth of Powerful Holy Body was prohibited, and even the Body-strengthening Jade became rare. Many super forces sold them at cheap prices, after they discovered some Body-strengthening Jades.

Now, the value of the Body-strengthening Jade was naturally much less than that of the soul crystal. "Since it can strengthen the body, why is it useless to me?" Zen asked.

"The foundation for you to enter the Other Shore is not the Truth of Powerful Holy Body. You don't need to use it, but you can try," the Regal Jade Spirit proposed.

Zen had entered the Other Shore through the unique Truth of Godly Way. Even his physical body was no longer his body in its true sense, but rather a completely supernormal one that was created through body refining. Therefore, the Regal Jade Spirit was certain that the Body-strengthening Jade wouldn't be useful to Zen.

Regardless of whether he could use the thing or not, Zen took all the Body-strengthening Jades from the bottom of the iron case and placed them into Elvinia's space ring.

Then, he rummaged around the iron house once more. Before he was about to leave, his eyes fell on the metal token embedded in the iron table.

Without too much hesitation, he reached out to light up the Sanskrit words around the token one by one, and then took the token out.

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