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   Chapter 3511 Control The Energy Vortex

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Since the Shape-shifting Spirit felt that there was no room for it to bargain, it just told everything it knew.

Generally speaking, the Element Spirit race especially liked to take the Shape-shifting Spirits as their pets.

It was mainly because the Element Spirit race did not have a stable form.

In fact, as one of the powerful civilizations, it was easy for the Element Spirit race to shape themselves into any form they wanted.

When a civilization was born and developed, however, their own consciousness could not change. Therefore, they stubbornly maintained their original state while they admired the wonderful forms of civilizations after them.

Overall, the entire race had the hobby of collecting pets and imprisoning slaves.

As it happened, the extremely powerful elites of the Element Spirit race were qualified to detain beings from any race as slaves and pets.

On the contrary, not all the members of the Element Spirit race on the Other Shore were considered as powerful, and some weak ones couldn't collect enough slaves to entertain themselves.

So, the easiest method available to them was to raise Shape-shifting Spirits.

After the Shape-shifting Spirits were trained, they could be transformed into almost anything that the Element Spirit race needed.

"Before I was sold to my master, I was locked up in a temple in Stage Twenty-five of the Other Shore like other Shape-shifting Spirits. There were many beings from civilized races held inside the temple, including two humans--a man and a woman," the Shape-shifting Spirit said.

Basically, the Shape-shifting Spirits were treated like a kind of commodity, as the Element Spirit race traded them. To become a qualified "commodity", the Shape-shifting Spirits must first learn to change themselves into many forms before they could become useful to their future masters.

Thus, the purpose of the many living creatures held in the temple was to serve as a guide for them to imitate. "Stage Twenty-five of the Other Shore?" Zen asked curiously.

"It's the Long Night Stage," Elvinia said.

Zen nodded in response. The Long Night Stage was still within the Desire World, which meant that there were humans in the Desire World.

"How long ago was the time when you were kept in the temple and met those human beings?" he asked again. If it was during the current chaotic era, then the news would be of low value.

Human beings had set foot on the Other Shore since th

x had no energy at all, or at least Zen could not feel any from it.

Although it was a phantom, the energy vortex in front of them should be in harmony with the large vortex outside. Now, both ends of the channel were closed, just like what Zen and Elvinia had encountered outside.

"The guard..."

"Turning it on..."

"Control it..."

The information from the Shape-shifting Spirit and Geoffrey filled Zen's mind and kept him thinking. A thought flashed in his brain, then he stretched his hand towards the vortex. The area he touched was soft as cotton.

Just as he was about to pull it, the center of the small vortex twisted.

Meanwhile, the center of the energy vortex outside began to twist from the middle.

He thought more for a while, before he stretched his hands towards both ends of the small and long vortex, then curled it up.

At the same time, the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace, who were still waiting on the stone platform of the Desire World, screamed.

"The energy vortex has changed again!"

"The passageway is not only closed, it is also completely rolled up. What happened?"

"Isn't it still changing its shape? The energy vortex has turned into the shape of a human, right? Is it some trick of the eye?"

The disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace could not understand what was happening.

Even Dorothy also stared blankly at the energy vortex. She was confident that Zen was still alive, but she was still worried because Zen hadn't reached the Desire World by now. It meant that he was still trapped.

Was the change in the energy vortex related to anything that might be happening to Zen?

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