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   Chapter 3509 Guard

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Elvinia didn't want to see these abominable monsters at all.

There were more than one iron cage on the wall. As the ball of light on her fingertips exploded, another blazing white light shot forward and illuminated another iron cage.

A snake-like creature was locked in the second cage. It had a terrifyingly strange face on its head.

When the light shone on the cage, the snake screamed and ran around frantically in the cage. It made strange noises that sounded like sizzling screams. Then at last, it was completely annihilated under the inescapable blinding light.

Seeing how the two creatures ended, the monsters in the other cages suddenly jumped up and down in the cages.

They had been locked here in the cages for quite a long time. But even if that was the case, it was better to be a living dog than a dead lion. In the end, they didn't want to be completely destroyed by the light.

For a moment, all kinds of weird and horrifying shrieks could be heard from the iron cages.

Elvinia didn't show any signs of mercy at all. With a flash of light in her hand, she was about to eliminate the monsters in the iron cages one by one.

At this time, Zen quickly reached out his hand and stopped her.

"Listen to me, don't kill them now," Zen said.

"But they..." Elvinia frowned in confusion.

"Only the first monster had attacked us. These other monsters are not attacking us, and they are locked in cages," Zen said seriously.

These monsters weren't hostile to them at all. Moreover, if they wanted to really know more about this iron house, then they would probably need to start with these monsters.

Under Zen's persuasion, Elvinia decided to stop what she was about to do.

With her personality, she would never show mercy or listen to others.

However, Zen's words really persuaded her. She then showed a sweet and understanding smile and asked, "Then what should we do next?"

"Let's go inside first and have a look," Zen said.

She didn't know if these monsters were intelligent or not, but she thought it would be best if they could somehow communicate with her.

She released two rays of light to cover the both of them, then they stepped into the darkness.

Because of the Dark Region's characteristics, even if he was very near something, he still c

nd years. How could he possibly return now, at this exact moment?

When he heard this, Zen quickly relaxed. He continued to ask, "What kind of place is this Bleak Center? What is it used for? And who is your master?"

The "Zen" in the cage looked a little hesitant. It seemed to be very cowardly, especially after it saw the Dark Region creatures in the previous cages die under the blinding light. It was frightened by the two humans in front of it, especially by Elvinia who stood next to Zen.

"Tell us at once!" Elvinia commanded fiercely and directly.

The other "Zen" glanced at the light that was shining in Elvinia's hand and said, "The Bleak Center is the place to build the passageway to the Desire World. My master is only a guard and he has been guarding here for many years. But in the last tens of thousands of years, he often went out and left us. This is all I know."

The monsters in the cages were nothing more than pets that gave the master company and pleasure while he was guarding this place. Naturally, they didn't know too much.

However, Zen still got a piece of important information from its words. The passage to the Desire World was not formed naturally, but it was built by this iron house!

In theory, it was the Instant Civilization that had created the Other Shore. Every stage and every passageway, including the energy vortex and the Star Doors, should be created by the Instant Civilization. Zen wondered if the master of the iron house was one of the members of the Instant Civilization.

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