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   Chapter 3508 The Iron House

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Both of them were baffled by the sight of this iron plate.

"What is this?" Elvinia asked, blinking.

Zen squinted at it. "Let's take a closer look."

The thunder wings on his back flapped as the two of them approached the iron plate. Zen reached out to touch it, his fingers grazing the cold surface.

Elvinia touched it curiously. "What is this made of? It isn't eroded by all this energy at all."

After a moment's thought, Zen drew out a great amount of force from his inner world and directed it at the plate.


The impact caused a loud sound, but the solid iron plate did not move at all.

Zen frowned slightly.

Whatever material this plate was made of, it seemed impossible for them to move it. They needed to get through this energy vortex, but this plate was proving to be an obstacle.

"Let's try going above it." Zen raised his head, fixing his gaze upwards.


Another lightning bolt flashed toward the space above them. Zen pulled down another energy band.

The two of them moved upwards little by little along the iron plate. After more than two hundred feet up, they had yet to see where it ended. This plate apparently went much higher than Zen had imagined.

Elvinia blinked. "Let's move to the left!"

Zen nodded in agreement.

They continued moving, but now to the left side. This time, they reached the end after a short distance of less than thirty feet. The iron plate bent at a sharp right angle in this area.

When Zen saw this, his eyes lit up. "It's not an iron plate! This looks like a..."

"A house?" There was a confused look in Elvinia's eyes.

They obviously had the same thought in mind.

Who would have thought that there would be an iron house in this energy vortex?

Driven by curiosity, Zen moved forward, following the newly discovered side. The wall was still made of the same iron material along the way, but after more than a hundred feet, he finally saw a small door.

The door was only two feet wide, about the same size as a f

hrill scream rang out.

The voice sounded extremely forlorn. When it reached their ears, it felt like countless needles had been stuck in their souls.

Struggling through the pain, anger crossing her features, Elvinia raised her right hand and snapped, "Great Sanskrit Light!"


A white light so bright one couldn't stare at it directly shot toward the dark.

As it did, Zen clearly saw a row of iron cages hanging along the walls in the dark. The cages contained strange types of monsters.

The iron cage right in front of them contained a monster with a head like an owl's and a body like a leopard's, covered with dozens of thorny tentacles. As it screamed, it was enveloped in the Great Sanskrit Light. Under the glare of the snow-white light, its body quickly began to melt. First its fur, then its flesh, its blood, and finally its bones.

Elvinia showed no mercy and didn't stop the Great Sanskrit Light until the monster was completely melted.

Her chest heaved up and down. It took her a while to calm down. Obviously, she had been frightened.

"What the hell is this iron house?" Zen looked at the darkness and frowned slightly.

"No matter what this is, we should probably kill all the monsters in the cages," Elvinia said coldly.

She raised a finger. The bright light gathered around her hand once again.

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