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   Chapter 3507 Iron Plate

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The changes within the energy channel also manifested externally.

Chaim was the last to leave the vortex and enter Stage Fourteen, just before Zen and Elvinia.

Upon exiting, he found that the previously stable energy vortex began to fluctuate with the energy bands constantly rolling around abnormally and blocking the exit.

Chaim couldn't help but gasp in astonishment. "This is..."

After Elvinia became a purified being, Chaim learned a few bits of important information.

From what he was able to gather, a purified being was the ruler of a stage, thus, in theory, they shouldn't be able to leave that certain stage.

If that was the case, then wouldn't that mean Elvinia had to stay behind and would be unable to reach the Desire World? She was bound to encounter some problems at least.

Looking at the energy channel, Chaim realized that the problem had just materialized itself. If the energy vortex was sealed then that meant Zen and Elvinia wouldn't be able to pass through it at all.

"What happened?!" "The passageway! It's closed!"

"Everyone from the Oneness Sky Palace got through, right?"

"I think so! That was really close. It's a good thing we were able to get through before it did that!"

None of the disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace thought that the purified being had anything to do with it. To them, the vortex was simply strangely malfunctioning.

"Wait. I think someone is missing!" someone remarked.

"You're right! Where's Princess Elvinia? Was she unable to pass through? She is different from us anyway."

"Is it because she has a corporeal body on the Other Shore?"

The disciples began to whisper amongst themselves at this current development.

Dorothy's heart was erratic as she analyzed the situation.

"Elvinia, Zen..."

In an instant, she immediately dissipated her Soul of Light.

The next time she opened her eyes, she was back in her cultivation room, worried sick about what was currently brewing.

She didn't really care about Elvinia's safety, but Zen...he was an entirely different matter.


Dorothy opened the door and headed straight to the No. 1 cultivation room in the far right where Zen was in.


ward bit by bit.

She couldn't help but sigh in relief.

"Can we dig into the Desire World by continuously doing this?" she whispered to Zen.

While focusing on releasing lightning, Zen said, "The direction should be right but it's hard to say. Duck!"

Zen warned just as an energy band flew right past his right arm.

Fortunately, Elvinia heard his warning just in time and lowered her head.


A wound appeared on Zen's right arm. At the same time, all the light dots formed by the Chaotic Source Spirits in his body were extinguished, falling into a state of fatigue.

He couldn't bring the Shade Stone liquid with him to the Other Shore, but the Chaotic Source Spirits were different.

Since Zen's body had entered the Other Shore, the Chaotic Source Spirits, which were from there in the first place, could naturally work.

"The energy is so powerful..." he muttered in shock.

He initially thought he could count on the Chaotic Source Spirits to resist an energy band. But it seemed they couldn't even bear the force when an energy band merely brushed past him.

Zen found himself becoming more cautious as they moved forward.

He tried to lure only one energy band into attacking them at a time which slowed down their speed significantly. He pulled out the energy bands one by one as if painstakingly reeling threads from a silk cocoon.

Two hours later, Zen pulled out an energy band and found an iron plate in front of them.

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