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   Chapter 3504 Dorothy's Affection

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There was a long and narrow channel inside the energy vortex, and the colored energy bands coiled around each other like pythons.

The wind beat Zen's and Dorothy's faces as they moved and flew through the channel at an extremely fast speed.

The Cloud Flying Wheels helped them adjust their direction, although it was a bit hard because of their highly swift pace.

At that moment, several energy bands in the distance abruptly rolled up. They looked like several pythons jumping and curling around.

"Be careful on your right. Follow me," Zen told Dorothy who was behind him.

In turn, Dorothy tilted the Cloud Flying Wheel to the right, and both of them leaned towards the left of the channel.

After both of them had adjusted their positions, they successfully brushed past the energy bands without colliding into them.

"Left!" Zen shouted. The two of them quickly flew to the right.

The mist clouds their Cloud Flying Wheels released formed long white lines in the energy channel.

Since Zen had warned Dorothy in advance, they passed several dangerous spots safe and sound.

Dorothy held on to the Cloud Flying Wheel tightly and quietly followed behind Zen.

Her gaze swept across the brightly colorful energy bands around her as she lost herself in her thoughts.

Ever since Elvinia had arrived in their group, she had never been with Zen alone like this.

As soon as she realized it, she began to reminisce and miss the days she had spent in the Sea of Truth. 'I hope this is a very long channel...' she thought to herself.

Just then, a flurry of ripples showed up over the energy channel. Several thick energy bands came down.


Zen was also shocked when he saw these thick energy bands, but he didn't think it would be a problem for them to use the Cloud Flying Wheels to dodge them.

Just as he adjusted the Cloud Flying Wheel and began to fly downward, he suddenly felt that something was amiss behind him. Dorothy seemed to be absent-minded, as she was flying forward in a blank manner and did not descend like he did.

"Dorothy!" he shouted as he immediately turned the Cloud Flying Wheel around.

His entire body spiraled upwards, and the white mist spun around his body in circles.

As soon he got close enough to Dorothy, he grabbed her with one hand and seized her Cloud Flying Wheel with the other.

Mist sprayed out from the two Cloud Flying

bout any 'but'..."

She never had a relationship with any man yet, and just like Elvinia had said, she wasn't brave enough to confess her feelings.

When Elvinia goaded her, however, she began to worry about losing Zen, and then couldn't hold back her affections any longer.

Although she was a beloved one in the Origin Mountain, she was very young, and her mentality was not very different from that of any other young girl.

As for Zen, he didn't know how to respond to her words.

Just then, dozens of energy bands rolled up like mad in the channel ahead of them. Energy flowed wildly and vented towards the channel in a deranged fashion.

It turned out that they had reached the most dangerous part of the vortex.

"Hold me tight!"

Of course, Zen couldn't afford to be distracted. As the two Cloud Flying Wheels turned slightly, he shuttled in multiple directions among the energy bands, like a swallow that flew in a thunderstorm.

Fortunately, it was not a long journey. After no more than half a minute, they had successfully passed through, and there was no more dangerous part ahead.

They flew in the peaceful vortex for about five minutes, then they finally saw the exit in front of them.

When Zen was about to get close to it, he suddenly felt a strong force thrust upon him. Unlike what had happened when he had entered the energy vortex, this thrust directly pushed him and Dorothy out.

Meanwhile, a purple light curtain flashed everywhere in the sky outside. The purple light curtain caused a trace of dreamy colors to wash over Stage Fourteen of the Other Shore.

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