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   Chapter 3503 Trust

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Following her sojourn into the Dark Region with Zen, Elvinia's personality changed slightly, but not by much. She just became gentler toward Zen. She was still indifferent to everyone else, especially Dorothy when they were alone.

"I never said Zen belonged to me," Dorothy retorted, feeling even more embarrassed.

"But you were even willing to sacrifice your life for him. Why would you go that far if you don't want him to be yours?" Elvinia spoke.

In the Chaotic Source World, Dorothy had used the Heart of Accomplice regardless of the consequences. Elvinia had been floored by that. She never realized she had such a terrifying Other Shore Token.

"I had no choice. The situation called for it," Dorothy pointed out, a little annoyed. Her patience was growing thin.

Elvinia felt smug seeing Dorothy so flustered.

She asked her the next question bluntly. "Do you like him?"

Dorothy was once again rendered speechless. She paused before replying, "That is none of your business."

Unexpectedly, Elvinia leaned forward and hissed in Dorothy's ear. "Of course it's my business. He belongs only to me."

Dorothy was stunned. But being used to Elvinia's straightforward manner, she responded just as frankly, "He already has a family."

"So what?" Elvinia straightened up. She now possessed the body of a purified being created through imagination. It was even more perfect than her previous body in the chaos. It radiated a different charm.

She looked up at the large vortex in the distance. "That is his past. I am talking about the future."

Dorothy frowned at Elvinia's apparent conviction.

She didn't know what Elvinia was thinking. But from what she knew of Zen, he would never just put his past behind him.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Dorothy asked slowly.

Elvinia ignored Dorothy and put on a cold face, as usual.

At the very beginning, Elvinia did hate Zen.

However, after their travel in the Dark Region and having regained her memory, she gradually became interested in him.

In the Phoenix Palace, Elvinia was able to chat with her three "disciples", mostly about Zen's past.

Lavender, who was a woman of few words, had spent the

e. It was like a huge island, with the Dark Region spreading from its flanks like dark clouds.

Below Stage Thirteen's lower edges, many thin lines extended down.

Zen surmised all these lines must be connected to the Star Doors of Stage Twelve. But from this angle, Zen could not see where it was.

Just then, Zen suddenly thought of the space where King Manard was.

Although King Manard considered the space to be the second Other Shore, it was not that large. It was incomparable to the real Other Shore.

To create the thirty-three stages in the chaos was truly a magnificent feat.

"Zen, be careful," Dorothy reminded him.

Just as Zen turned around to look, a colorful energy ribbon darted toward him. He gently turned over the Cloud Flying Wheel in his hand. As a puff of mist spread around, he easily dodged the ribbon.

It was not difficult to enter the energy vortex. He could enter it as long as he was careful.

All the disciples who ascended earlier had been sucked into the energy vortex successfully, but it was hard to say whether they were able to pass through it.

When Zen and Dorothy got closer to the vortex, a strong gravitational force started to pull them in.

The force was so strong that resistance was futile. The closer they got to the vortex, the greater the gravitational force became.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Both of them were sped along faster and faster in the air until they were sucked into the vortex.

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