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   Chapter 3494 You Are Not Qualified

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Although Abdul had a contempt for Zen, his expression did not show it. "It can be said that the Land of Sword Grief has gathered most of the resources of the Oneness Sky Palace," he explained patiently. "But these resources are not given to good-for-nothing warriors."

He said 'good-for-nothing warriors' emphatically as if his remarks were aimed at the hundred people in front of him.

Many of them, including Elvinia, frowned after hearing him say this.

Elvinia and Dorothy held high positions in the Oneness Sky Palace, and no one ever dared to speak to them with disrespect up until this moment. They were not pleased.

On the other hand, Abdul didn't care about what anyone thought and how they reacted. He turned around and pointed at the bronze palace. "There are more than 1, 100 people in the Land of Sword Grief." he said bluntly. "About 30 people on the third floor, 200 on the second floor, and then 900 on the first floor. Each of them possesses their own unique rankings."

"Excuse us, Abdul," a Bright Mountain disciple spoke. "But when you last returned to the Bright Mountain, you were ranked 630th. I wonder how much you've managed to improve since then?" This man was furious, wanting so badly to embarrass him after everything he had said.

Upon hearing this, Abdul smirked and responded proudly, "I worked up the ranking in last month's challenge, and I am now ranked 570th."

After Abdul bragged, warriors in the crowd began to chatter and whisper among themselves.

"Ha-ha. I thought he is good especially because he speaks so arrogantly. He's ranked only 570th, and he still stays on the first floor."

"In any case, that means this guy must have stayed on the first floor for around 20 years, right?"

"Yes! He stays on the first floor, yet he shows off like he's from the third. What a guy."

Among the new disciples, many of them were direct descendants of various mountains. Although they were new to the Land of Sword Grief, they knew the rules here all too well.

Warriors were treated differently based on the floors they stood on. The disciples on different floors of the Land of Sword Grief also showed the gap in their strengths. Chance, who was also a Chaotic Source Realm warrior, ranked at the bottom on the first floor. He had been so harshly defeated by Zen before.

Because Abdul was a resident of the first floor, the direct descendants naturally looked down upon him.

Abdul couldn't take the taunting and disrespect, a look of sudden anger flashing across his face.

However, he managed to control his emotions and

ts you to challenge me."

Zen looked at Abdul with a calm, composed expression in his eyes. "I challenge you?" he said, pointing at himself and raising his eyebrows.

"Dare you?" Abdul asked.

"It's not a matter of whether I dare or not." Zen smirked and put his hands behind his back. "You're too weak. You're not even qualified to fight me."

Zen didn't intend to join the Land of Sword Grief at all, but he was loyal to the Oneness Sky Palace and their rules.

If Abdul hadn't provoked Elvinia, Zen would have just kept silent.

But because he was so insistent on challenging Elvinia, how could Zen possibly let this slide?

After Abdul heard Zen's response, his face went from arrogant to furious. Just then, a sharp light burst from his eyes like the sword radiance, and shot straight at Zen.

The two men behind Abdul looked angry as well. How dare this newcomer speak with such disrespect!

Likewise, the disciples in the bronze palace were surprised with Zen's confidence.

"Check this out! A troublemaker appears!"

"I think I've seen that guy... He won first place in the Seven Mountains Meeting!"

"So what? If one can't even figure out their real strength, they are bound to suffer!"

The disciples on the first floor were discussing and debating Zen and his arrogance towards Abdul.

By contrast, the disciples on the second floor were much calmer.

The first floor and the second floor were completely different. Those who were on the second floor usually had no business in the disputes in the Land of Sword Grief.

Therefore, only 20 to 30 warriors on the second floor came out to welcome the new members today. However, at this moment, Zen's words attracted their attention.

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