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   Chapter 3493 Rules Of The Land of Sword Grief

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The Snake Goddess gasped. She had never seen something like this happen before.

If she used this golden red crystal to forge a body protection weapon, would this make her practically invincible?

Her tender fingers gently caressed the crystal. Then, from her fingertips burst out five thousand divine megatons of force.


With a crisp sound, the crystal had broken into two halves.

The Snake Goddess and Fuxi frowned. Both were evidently perplexed.

"That's weird. This crystal couldn't take the power exerted on it, yet it can avoid the attack of energy... How is that helpful?" The Snake Goddess furrowed her brows, puzzled.

Staring at the two pieces of the golden red crystal, Fuxi shook his head. "Maybe this is not for body refining."

"You mean it has something to do with descending?" The Snake Goddess's eyes flashed with understanding. "Yes, this is possible..."

"Zen has a lot of these crystals. Do you want to take them back first?" Fuxi asked.

The Snake Goddess shook her head. "Let him keep them first. Our most pressing issue is the loss of the Descending Rings to the Thunder Dimorphodon."

At the mention of the Thunder Dimorphodon, Fuxi's eyes flashed with a hint of killing intent.

While the top ten ancient beasts were quite famous for their strength and prowess, Fuxi was confident he could kill the Thunder Dimorphodon, given the chance.

Because the Thunder Dimorphodon had dared to steal the rings right under his nose, Fuxi vowed to never let it go unpunished.

After staying at the Pear Hill for seven days, the flying ships of the Oneness Sky Palace finally left.

In case of any emergency, the Pear Hill sent two masters to escort the flying ships back to the Bloom Divine Province.

After the seven flying ships arrived at the Bloom Divine Province, Zen took the time to rest well at the Flow Sword Sect.

Sally, Hutton and other members of the Nine Li race were also arranged to stay at the Flow Sword Sect as they waited for Ambrose.

Happy her husband finally returned, Letitia pounced into his arms. She stayed by his side to hear him talk about what he'd just been through at the Chaotic Source World. When Zen got to the part about the fight with the Evil God, she felt her heart pump f

ned in the Chaotic Source World.

After all the disciples who just reached the Chaotic Source Realm made it to the bronze palace, three people emerged from its massive bronze gates. The leader of the group was the long-haired man, with a long sword strapped to his back. His eyes flashed fiercely.

The long-haired man looked like a serious fellow. With a curt bow, he said, "Congratulations! All of you have made it to the Chaotic Source Realm, and are thus members of our Land of Sword Grief."

The crowd all bowed respectfully to the man.

"My name is Abdul Fang, from the Bright Mountain."

"Nice to meet you, Abdul."

"I have heard a lot about you..."

The ones who whispered amongst themselves were actually from the Bright Mountain. Though Abdul Fang ranked at the bottom among the members from the Land of Sword Grief, he was quite famous back in the Bright Mountain.

Abdul Fang just nodded slightly at them, remaining serious-faced. "However, you should know that before joining the Land of Sword Grief, each of you need to confirm your rankings."

While most of the disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace were aware of the rules of the Land of Sword Grief, Zen blinked confusedly.

"Sorry. What do you mean by that?" Zen asked innocently.

Abdul Fang cast a cold glare at Zen, a trace of contempt born in his heart. Judging from Zen's white clothes, he figured he must be from the Flow Sword Sect. 'How can this kid know nothing about the rules of our Land of Sword Grief?'

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