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   Chapter 3492 Miss Something

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Divine Farmer's face was expressionless. He stretched out his hand. The ring that was floating in the air, some distance away, flew towards him. He closed his fingers around the ring as it came to rest on his palm. He shook his head and recited the Truth of Godly Way in order to return to the Other Shore.

As soon as he arrived, he was greeted with a series of urgent questions. "What happened?"

"How is the Moon Fire Slave?"

"Did he make it?"

asked the nine light orbs on the thrones. They were eager to get some answers from Divine Farmer.

The Moon Fire Slave's survival was the most important thing to them.

Divine Farmer sighed. "No. He failed. He was killed by the truth," he said.

The light orbs were aghast. "How could this be?"

"But he succeeded in getting there in the first place!"

"He wasn't supposed to fail!"

Divine Farmer could sense the fury in the light orbs.

They had already succeeded before. How could they have failed at the most critical moment?

"It's not that easy to escape the truth," Divine Farmer explained. "It's true that the Moon Fire Slave managed to enter the chaos, but he was quickly detected and killed by the truth rule."

"But how about that huge eye? Why did it survive?" asked the light orb on the second chair from the left.

This question baffled Divine Farmer.

He thought for a while. Slowly he replied, "Maybe it's because that Dreaded Eye Demon was not powerful enough..."

Although the Moon Fire Slave was only a slave of the Element Spirit Civilization, his strength was at a very high level. Most warriors found his strength to be absolutely terrifying.

In contrast, the Dreaded Eye Demon was much weaker.

The light orbs considered Divine Farmer's explanation. "All right, then... let's try using a weak water spirit," said the light orb in the middle.

A splash sounded as soon as the light orb had spoken.

A wave of water rolled towards them. It halted abruptly in front of Divine Farmer, gathered itself into a human-shaped blue mass and stood up.

It was a creature made of water. Its human shape changed further as it added armor over its body.

Water spirits were at the lowest level of the Element Spirit Civilization. This creature's strength would definitely be far inferior to that of the Dreaded Eye Demon.

Divine Farmer was still holding the ring in one hand. He stepped closer to the water spirit and gently placed the ring on top of its head. Immediately, Divine Farmer and the water spirit disappeared from the Other Shore.

The light orbs waited, saying nothing. In just a few seconds, Divine Farmer reappeared. He wore a disappointed look on his face. "Another failure. We must be missing somet

e lights dancing along the lines of the magic array gathered on the surface of the golden red crystal.

As the minutes passed, the lights dimmed, and then vanished.

Fuxi examined the golden red crystal. It was exactly the same as it had been before refining.

He was taken aback. "What the hell is this crystal?" he murmured to himself.

The power of this magic array was immense. Even something a hundred times stronger than a crystal could be melted by this array. However, this golden red crystal had somehow remained intact.

At that moment, the Snake Goddess appeared on the jadeite platform again. She saw him holding the golden red crystal and asked, "Have you refined it yet?"

Fuxi studied the golden red crystal intently. "This crystal is very strange. It doesn't seem very dense or solid. Yet it can withstand the power of this array in the process of refining. It simply refuses to melt."

The Snake Goddess was intrigued. "Let me try," she requested, holding out her hand. Fuxi gave her the golden red crystal.

Instead of using the magic array arranged by Fuxi, she directly activated the energy beams of her shadow. Crimson energy beams flowed out, twining around the golden red crystal and burrowing into its surface.

Fuxi watched closely.

The shadow of Snake Goddess had an astonishing energy. There was probably nothing in the Source World that could resist the direct impact of her energy beams.

As before, the golden red crystal was entirely enveloped for several minutes in the glowing red light. But as the light dimmed, the golden red crystal was revealed to be intact and unchanged in the palm of the Snake Goddess.

She raised an eyebrow, looking astonished. "This crystal seems to be immune to being melted by energy, no matter how powerful. What's going on?"

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