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   Chapter 3491 The Moon Fire Slave

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The Thunder Dimorphodon had very few encounters with the Black Ship, each mostly well out of the other's way. This was why the Black Ship's sudden attack had caught the Thunder Dimorphodon off guard.

The Divine Farmer heaved a deep sigh. "I see. You are free to go now."

"What about my payment?" the Thunder Dimorphodon asked.

The Divine Farmer fixed a blank look at the Thunder Dimorphodon. "Of course I shall pay you. But since you only finished half the job, you also only get half the amount we agreed on."

"You..." The Thunder Dimorphodon growled, its body crackling with lightning.

"I'll just use the other half to buy the rest of the rings from the Black Ship," the Divine Farmer added.

There were twelve rings in total, each one an extremely precious treasure.

The Divine Farmer just hoped the Black Ship wouldn't know the use of these rings. He was willing to pay any price they asked to get all the remaining rings back.

Shooting the Divine Farmer a dirty look, the Thunder Dimorphodon snorted and then took a step back, curling up its wings.

The Divine Farmer took a ring in his hand and studied it carefully.

The ring, in addition to its mysterious aura, didn't look special at all. Could it really help a creature on the Other Shore to descend to the chaos?

After examining it for a while, the Divine Farmer recited a quiet chant, a trace of Truth of Godly Way emanating from him.

He closed his eyes and entered the Other Shore with his soul.


Arriving at the Other Shore, his soul emerged in a huge red hall.

The hall was magnificent and extravagant. A colossal arch stretching tens of thousands of feet stood in the distance. Beneath the arch lay a huge disc with nine thrones lined along the edge, facing the center.

The Divine Farmer walked straight to the center of the disc and stomped his foot lightly.

Numerous red patterns surfaced on the huge disc. A small orb appeared on each of the surrounding thrones.

"I've got the Descending Rings." The Divine Farmer raised his hand, displaying the ring he was holding.

He managed to bring the ring into the Other Shore!

At his pronouncement, the orbs on the thrones started to flash with light, thrilled at what they were seeing.

"You brought it to the Other Shore successfully! This is a great development!"


aint smile.

He had indulged the Blood Assembly for many years. It had apparently made these Other Shore creatures more and more arrogant.

"Maybe you should worry about surviving, first," the Divine Farmer pointed out.

"Surviving? What do you mean?"

the Moon Fire Slave asked, truly confused.

He was a fire spirit, the most powerful form of fire creature.

He was simply indestructible unless he was killed in a special way.

Who could threaten his survival in the chaos?

Just then, something unusual happened.

The ring on his head flashed with a mysterious light. An invisible force suddenly came crashing down on him.

The force was so strong that he could not put up any resistance at all. The Moon Fire Slave was caught and pushed against the air.

It was as if an invisible wall existed in the space, and the mysterious force was now grabbing the giant and smashing him against it.

Bang! With a horrible sound, the black rock covering the Moon Fire Slave's body melted and was reduced to powder!

The green flames spurting out from his body left many long green trails on the invisible wall.

The force was relentless. The Moon Fire Slave was smashed against the wall again and again, until his body was completely destroyed, crushed into shreds.

The Thunder Dimorphodon watched the incredible sight from the sidelines, its eye widening in shock.

The unknown force was terrifying. If it were the Thunder Dimorphodon who had been tortured like that, it would have ended up in a worse state than the Moon Fire Slave!

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