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   Chapter 3490 Deliver

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The Snake Goddess frowned. She had always placed her hopes on the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Tree.

She was under the impression that the humans on the Other Shore would hide the information about them in the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seeds. So she was hoping to find information from the seeds.

But it just turned out to be a disappointment.

Fuxi continued, "Perhaps we have to resign ourselves to fate. Zen found King Manard. Since he asked for it, we can give him the last seed."

After a moment's silence, the Snake Goddess nodded and waved her hand. The two of them returned to the jadeite platform again.

Shooting a glance at Zen, she gestured towards him. "Follow me."

It seemed that she had agreed.

With a wave, No. 9527 returned to Zen's body.

The Snake Goddess waved her hand once more, and she and Zen had disappeared from the jadeite platform.

The next thing he knew, Zen was in a cave.

It was practically pitch black. He could, however, hear the sounds of dripping water off the walls.

"This is the internal space of the Pear Hill?" Zen guessed.

"It's the innermost part of the Pear Hill," the Snake Goddess answered. She started walking.

As she walked forward, dim lights would appear around the cave. It was some complex magic arrays that emitted the glow.

Although these magic arrays had not been activated, they embodied terrifying abilities. Obviously, this was the most important place of the Pear Hill, since it was so heavily guarded.

After walking more than two hundred feet, they reached the end of the cave.

Zen glanced around. He noticed the soil here was white, and towards the end of the cave stood a tree as tall as a person.

"Is this the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Tree?"

Zen stared at the tree in surprise.

The Six-Pattern Blood-storing Tree was invaluable to the Pear Hill. It was not necessarily as tall and intimidating as the divine trees in the divine land, but it should be full of vitality.

However, to Zen's surprise, it had signs of decaying from its roots, and its naked branches were almost completely devoid of leaves. The few leaves it did have had already turned yellow. If it weren't for a single light green fruit on it, Zen would've thought it was a

spot. The light had a strong penetrating power, and even the chaotic energy was unable to stop it.

Two hours later, the Thunder Dimorphodon finally reached the light spot.

Above the light spot stood a man in an embroidered robe, with an ordinary bamboo basket on his back. With the sleeves rolled up, he looked like a farmer who had been hidden in the mountains.

This man was Divine Farmer, the leader of the Divine Farmer race.

"You got them?" Divine Farmer asked with a smile.

"Yes," said the Thunder Dimorphodon. "But there is a slight problem."

Divine Farmer's smile froze. He knew clearly that the Thunder Dimorphodon seldom encountered problems in its life. "What's the problem?"

"The Black Ship stopped me on the way and took away half of the rings," said the Thunder Dimorphodon. With its huge paw gently lifted, small rings of light floated in front of Divine Farmer.

Divine Farmer's expression fell. "The Black Ship? Why would they target you? As far as I know, they should not be interested in the Chaotic Source World."

The Black Ship was also known as a super force, despite having only thirteen members. It seldom cultivated disciples and rarely went to the Chaotic Source World.

"I don't know why they went to the Chaotic Source World either. They had been there since the beginning. I didn't expect to be intercepted by them after I got rid of Fuxi," said the Thunder Dimorphodon through gritted teeth. It was angry at the mention of the Black Ship.

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