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   Chapter 3479 Grown Bearing Capacity (Part One)

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If Fuxi had come late for even a moment, they would have already attacked the members of the Oneness Sky Palace.

If that were the case, they would have met with the same tragic fate as that of the Separate Abyss race's leader.

Fuxi nonchalantly scanned the remaining creatures, his eyes barren of all emotions.

The Chaotic Source World came to existence because of the compromise made by Pear Hill with the other powerful forces years ago. Fuxi had always looked down upon this agreement and never agreed with it.

With a solemn expression on his face, he took in a deep breath to gather all his strength and announced in a roaring voice, capable of reaching vast distances.

"Effective today, the Chaotic Source World will remain closed forever. This won't happen in the future. I hereby declare that Pear Hill will resume its control over the Icy Snow Province. Now, all of you, make yourselves scarce, and don't make me repeat myself!"

In the past, the Icy Snow Province was forced to separate from the Pear Hill in order to build the Chaotic Source World.

As of present, some issues had surfaced in the Chaotic Source Sea. The Chaotic Source Spirits in the Source World had all been slaughtered, leaving nothing to vouch for their existence.

The only thing that remained of the Chaotic Source World was a hollowed-out shell. With no concrete reason left to support the argument of the Chaotic Source World's continued existence, the Icy Snow Province was returned to Pear Hill.

Sensing the growing irritation in Fuxi's voice, the leaders of the powerful forces didn't waste their breaths to protest against it. Instead, they signaled their subordinates before they quietly turned around and left for their respective flying ships without looking back.

Similarly, Mount followed the people of the Divine Farmer race and set out to head back. Before he left, he stole a quick glance at Ze

They stared in the distance, with their faces revealing conflicting expressions of both shock and awe.

Each of the mountains that stood dominantly in the Bloom Divine Province was frighteningly high. Their overwhelming size was the source of pride of the members of the Oneness Sky Palace. However, the scenery before their eyes made the ones from the Oneness Sky Palace pale in comparison.

After all, Pear Hill was almost the same size as the province itself. Though it claimed itself a hill only, it actually had the largest mountain found in the Source World within its boundaries.

Slowly yet gradually, seven flying ships of the Oneness Sky Palace dominated the skies as they entered the perimeters of the province. Following the arrangement of the Pear Hill, they berthed near the Sunset Ravine.

The Sunset Ravine was decorated with various flower-strewn meadows and verdant trees, whose existence complimented the ravine's beauty and made it appear like a fairyland. Beautiful palaces carved with intricate designs and careful crafting were placed in organized rows. Pear Hill had designed a place exquisitely to entertain the guests. And now, this was handed over to the people of the Oneness Sky Palace, to provide them with accommodations for a few days.

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