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   Chapter 3478 Ask For Death

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Despite the burning gazes that Zen felt on him the moment he came out, he walked towards the Oneness Sky Palace with a smile.

Yet, before he could take a few steps forward, a leader of the Separate Abyss race suddenly stood up and shouted in a rough voice, "Zen!"

Zen turned his head and looked at the leader.

He had never made a move against the Separate Abyss race in the Chaotic Source World. What did their leader want from him?

"Hand over that man called the Evil God! Since he killed many of our members, we'll execute him for revenge," the leader said.

The leader had to give a reasonable explanation for the death of Hamzah, and the best way to do it was to bring the Evil God back.

He clearly saw that Zen had absorbed the Evil God into his inner world and did not kill him.

When Zen heard the leader's request, he looked slightly amused as he spoke, "The Evil God killed many people, including those from the Separate Abyss race, the Ear Mouse race, the Divine Farmer race, the Sun Crow race, the Moon Spirit race, the Celestial Wolf race… He killed more than four thousand people in total. If all these races want to take revenge, how many pieces will the Evil God be chopped into?"

The leader of the Separate Abyss race snorted, "I don't care about the other races. Since the Evil God killed Hamzah, we want him dead!"

He walked towards Zen, his huge body blocking the warrior's path like a giant pillar.

"The Evil God also killed many of our members. It seems that we should also take him back for punishment," Elizabeth said with a shallow smile.

"The Evil God slaughtered the members of our race. He should be punished!" a leader of the Bearing race shouted. The Chaotic Source World was known for its cruelty. Ever since ancient times, there had been countless talents who died in its territory.

It was true that the Evil God was bloodthirsty and liked to kill, but he didn't violate the rules. Therefore, he shouldn't be blamed.

Of course, the super forces that suffered great losses in the Chaotic Source World naturally had plans in their minds.

The truth was, they were all after the Civilization Artifact that the Evil God had merged with.

Now that the Separate Abyss race had stood out first, the other super forces echoed the same request.

The leaders of the Oneness Sky Palace hadn't thought th

would probably die without a complete corpse!

"Well... Master Fuxi, you must have misunderstood! I just didn't know how to explain to our emperor… Please forgive me..."

The emperor that the leader referred to was the current head of the Separate Abyss race, who was also one of the top masters in the Source World. The leader wanted to scare Fuxi by mentioning the emperor.

While he pitifully explained himself, an invisible force suddenly enveloped him.


With a muffled sound, a huge palm imprint appeared where the leader stood. His body had turned into minced meat and was embedded into the palm imprint in the blink of an eye.

Then, the space was torn, and Fuxi walked out from it with a dark face.

He was in a bad mood after the Thunder Dimorphodon had run away. When he flew back along the space channel and saw what was happening, he couldn't restrain his anger anymore.

"Do you think I will be afraid of your emperor?" he hissed with gritted teeth.

"Before you entered the Chaotic Source World, I have reminded you that I won't interfere in anything within it, but if you make a move outside, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Silence hung like a thick curtain at the gate of the Chaotic Source World.

The dead leader of the Separate Abyss race was ranked in the top five among the many leaders. Even then, he could not even survive Fuxi's palm strike. He died miserably.

Naturally, Elizabeth trembled with fear.

It wasn't only her, but the leaders of the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race were all afraid as well.

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