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   Chapter 3475 Refinement

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"Is it possible," No. 9527 mused jokingly, "that the Civilization Artifact starts talking nonsense after being burnt by the Evil God?"

"Just verify it," Zen responded bluntly. "It can issue a lot of tasks in one go."

The heaven-level third-class task...

The heaven-level fourth-class task...

The earth-level first-class task...

The earth-level second-class task...

Gradually, Zen began to understand the rules.

Once the cube issued tasks, it would start from the heaven-level ones, which were categorized into four classes. Next came the earth-level ones, which were also categorized into four classes. Among all, the human-level tasks were the simplest.

Zen focused on the tasks being listed. At the end, he picked one task he felt suited for: a task at the fourth class of the human level.

"The human-level fourth-class task," the voice boomed, "merge with the crystals of Chaotic Source Spirits to reach the Chaotic Source Realm. After you complete the task, your physical body will be strengthened."

Zen nodded in a satisfied manner. Other tasks might have various restrictions or were not suitable for him to complete, but he was confident he'd be able to accomplish this task.

"It's not easy to reach the Chaotic Source Realm," he pondered. "Why is it a task at the fourth class of the human level?"

The tasks were divided into twelve kinds. He didn't expect that reaching the Chaotic Source Realm would be the easiest.

The Regal Jade Spirit thought for a moment before replying. "The tasks should be ranked according to the current environment. You have already collected enough crystals of Chaotic Source Spirits, so reaching the Chaotic Source Realm is too easy."

"It's reasonable," Zen said, nodding. "I'll accept this task."

Strengthening his physical body was always a plus. Moreover, he wanted to confirm whether this Civilization Artifact was really magical or not.


Zen's body transformed into wisps of brown chaotic energy.

The moment he removed the avatar in his body, he was fully awakened.

In a magic array not far from him, a ray of light suddenly flashed. A non-human stranger who had reached

ter Zen reached the Chaotic Source Realm, he felt a sudden fluctuation of the space in front of him, and the space channel was already shown.

Zen didn't plan to leave immediately. This time, he placed the golden red crystals into his inner world.

After the distribution of the golden red crystals, Zen had reserved two hundred for himself.

Just as he'd done before, he willed the golden red crystals to scatter in his limbs and bones. Then, he activated them.


The light of the magic array enveloped Zen once more. However, something was wrong.

"What the...?"

Zen frowned slightly. These golden red crystals didn't melt easily, like the ordinary crystals of Chaotic Source Spirits had. They remained unharmed within his corporeal body, unresponsive to the energy from the magic array.

The others around him exchanged confused glances as they noticed Zen had once again activated the magic array. Some, however, figured out what he was up to.

"Why did he activate the magic array again?"

"Have you forgotten what he gained from the mother of Chaotic Source Spirits?"

"He has obtained some unique crystals. He's probably trying to refine them, too."

Then, those people nodded, as they began to envy Zen.

To reach the Chaotic Source Realm was a great success. Moreover, Zen had obtained extra crystals. How could they not be envious, if not in awe?

After a while, the light from the magic array went out.

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