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After Zen had burned the Eye of Will, the Truth of Godly Way that carried it was now vacant, which was the Truth of Goodwill and Malice. It was just what Zen had wanted, and he felt fortunate that fate was even helping him.

In addition, he also wanted to take away the Civilization Artifact of the Evil God. The Evil God didn't seem to be upset about it, and at this point he just let Zen do whatever he wanted.

In any case, Zen didn't intend to ask for the Evil God's consent anyway. He simply moved the Civilization Artifact on his own.


The cube vibrated for a short while when it was moved, then it flew straight out of the Rebirth Land. Aside from this object, he also took away the gem with the arc light from the top of the mountain.

There should be a lot of good things in the Evil God's hands. For instance, the black dragon-patterned broken blade was a treasure with an extraordinary origin.

These things, however, were useless to Zen, so he didn't bother to plunder the treasures from the Evil God.

Once he had gotten the two most important items, the last thing that remained was how to deal with the Evil God.

A shiver ran down Edna's spine when she saw that Zen's gaze fell on her husband. Although Zen had said that he would not kill him, who could stop him if he suddenly changed his mind?


At that moment, Zen pointed towards a mountain below.

The mountain rose from the ground like a fast growing tree and grew up to three hundred thousand feet high. It didn't stop until the top of the mountain touched Zen's feet.

With a wave of his hand, the top of the mountain became flattened. Golden red pillars were formed out of thin air. They lined up in formation until they turned into a spacious prison.

To refine the Evil God into an Inner-world Generating Avatar was a good choice, but in fact, the Evil God's talent was his own and was innate to him.

So, it would be a waste if he was refined into an avatar without any consciousness.

In light of this, Zen would try to find a way to make the Evil God become an Inner-world Generating Avatar and at the same time, he would be able to keep his own consciousness.

The Evil God, who was under his control, would be a great help to him. Zen wouldn't take the risk to release him as he might kill anyone recklessly.

The Evil God knew what he had to do. He went inside the prison, followed by Edna.

Since her husband had made a mistake, she was willing to bear the consequence with him.

The door of the prison clos

If Zen took these tasks, it would be exactly like courting death.

Yet, after the tasks were issued, he could choose not to accept them. Therefore, he just listened quietly.

From the way these tasks were issued, the Civilization Artifact should have been spying on the surrounding environment at all times. Then, it issued tasks according to the things that existed in the environment and offered the corresponding rewards.

"I can also issue these tasks," the Regal Jade Spirit said in disbelief. "But where did it get those rewards? Can this thing really give the rewards it has promised?"

Forget about whether Zen was able to kill Fuxi or not. It was absolutely impossible for him to defeat the Thunder Dimorphodon.

Fuxi was the Human Sovereign. His control of the Dark and Light energies was far beyond an ordinary person's imagination. It could be said that even among the strongest warriors, Fuxi was the most powerful in terms of the cultivation on the Dark and Light energies!

If Zen was able to defeat Fuxi, this Civilization Artifact would give him the so-called "Innate Seal", which could be used to merge with Fuxi's Dark and Light energies...

It sounded truly unbelievable.

And, it was the same with the Thunder Dimorphodon.

Each of the top ten beasts of the chaos had their own missions and abilities. These beasts were not as powerful as the Chaos Ancient Gods, but they weren't weaker than the strongest warriors either. As it happened, they were even stronger than some of those strongest warriors.

It was hard to imagine that after such a powerful being was defeated, one just had to rely on an Eternal Chain to subdue it?

What a crazy fantasy!

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