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   Chapter 3473 Heavenly Obsession Civilization

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"I found a buried temple at the edge of Stage Two of the Other Shore—the Heavenly Obsession Temple. Perhaps it was because it had been buried that nobody had found it. It was already broken, so people could enter and exit at will. This gem with internal momentum of Godly Way was right in the center of the temple," the Evil God said honestly.

"Heavenly Obsession Temple?" Zen paused for a thought.

"I've never heard of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization," said the Regal Jade Spirit, shaking his head.

A single round of chaos already took an extremely long time, and the Other Shore had experienced over a thousand chaotic eras.

During these eras, apart from the ruling forces, various super forces, ordinary forces, and even many major races thrived. Too many secrets were hidden among these forces—it wasn't surprising that the Regal Jade Spirit hadn't heard of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization.

"After I obtained this gem, I found another clue," the Evil God continued. "It led to a secret land at Stage Ten of the Other Shore. There, I found an underground cave that stretched for thousands of miles across Stage Ten."

The Evil God was already extremely powerful when he was headed for Stage Ten. At the time, his infamous nickname, the "Soul Devouring Demon", was already very well-known on the Other Shore. By then, he could enter Stage Thirteen of the Other Shore easily.

Meanwhile, at the time, Zen had already reached the Grand Sky Temple to explore the temple.

As the Evil God explored the underground cave, he found the second Heavenly Obsession Temple—it was there where he had obtained the Civilization Artifact.

"What a strange civilization…" Growing more and more confused, the Regal Jade Spirit sighed upon hearing the Evil God's story. "A strong civilization can enter a higher stage of the Other Shore. If the Heavenly Obsession Civilization is hiding in the Lust World, they must be doing it to avoid getting hunted down by enemies, as we are."

The spirit paused for a moment before continuing. "Even if they wanted to hide in the Lust World, they were supposed to go to the Dark Region. It would have been safer there, right? Why did they go to Stage Ten of the Other Shore?"

Each time a creature on the Other Sh

logic so as to guide its spokesperson in the most suitable way.

"What an interesting civilization," the Regal Jade Spirit remarked with a smile. "Now that the Rebirth Land has been unblocked, Zen, you can guide it into your own inner world and bear it yourself. But I wonder what Truth of Godly Way is to be used to bear this Civilization Artifact."

Since the Evil God had been retrieved, so had the Rebirth Land.

Earlier, the Evil God had begun burning the Civilization Artifact, but the Civilization Artifact simply stopped burning without punishing him. The Regal Jade Spirit came to the conclusion that the Civilization Artifact wouldn't reject Zen.

Zen turned to the Evil God questioningly.

"The Truth of Goodwill and Malice," answered the latter.

At that answer, No. 9527, the Regal Jade Spirit, and Zen showed a smile.

Excluding the Truth of Godly Way that was vague on Zen's physical body, Zen had already cultivated four Truths of Godly Ways in total. Among them, the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent was used to bear the Strength God Totem; the Truth of Cultivation Nature was used to bear the Civilization Artifact of the Regal Jade Civilization; and the Truth of Goodwill and Malice was used to bear the Eye of Will.

Lastly, the Truth of Three-Energy Construction had been obtained from the space where King Manard was. According to him, it was used to bear the Other Shore Token in that world. It wasn't known if it could bear any Other Shore Token on the first Other Shore.

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