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   Chapter 3472 The Arc Light

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The Evil God narrowed his eyes a tad bit. He wanted to know what Zen was up to.

"To a certain extent, you are me," Zen continued. "Or rather, you are all the evil thoughts and resentment I have projected onto this world."

Zen was well aware that the world had its own will.

Before the Evil God's appearance, Zen's inner world was a mess. Conflicts between various races erupted so often, and even the humans were constantly competing against each other. So long as Zen wasn't interfering, many ambitious creatures caused much disturbance.

All the disputes ended, however, with the appearance of the Evil God.

For a time, Zen was grateful to him. His inner world had somehow returned to order after the Evil God came to be. No war was breaking out among the empires, and neither resentment nor loathing brewed between the races.

At the time, Zen thought it was the Evil God's contribution until the Regal Jade Spirit told him otherwise.

In the end, he got the truth.

The Evil God was a fusion of all evil thoughts and resentment—his appearance was a tribulation of the world, not a coincidence.

Such a tribulation was rarely seen—it could only appear in the primitive land. Coincidentally, Zen's inner world was a small primitive land. After all the resentment and evil thoughts were gathered to form the Evil God, the living beings within the inner world existed in harmony.

With her jaw slack, Edna looked at the Creator in disbelief. Never did she expect her husband to have such a background.

But the Evil God didn't seem to care. "So what?"

"If I kill you, the inner world will fall back into turmoil. It won't do me any good. But if I let you go, you'll definitely get me into trouble," Zen said, smiling and touching Edna gently. The black dragon-pattern blade was then pulled out from Edna's body. As soon as the blood on her white dress returned to the wound, it began healing rapidly.

In truth, Zen probably couldn't kill the Evil God.

So long as there were creatures in the inner world, disputes, resentment, hatred, and conflicts would continue to exist.

ed to find a clue about one of the flaws through the Sanskrit word of the Blood Essence Godly Way.

He had always believed that Zen was destined to encounter the Regal Jade Civilization, but even he was surprised to find out that the creature Zen released from his inner world had found the second flaw.

Perhaps Zen truly was the one who could complete the Ways-blending Energy.

Even if he couldn't do it right away, he still had the greatest chance.

"How did you even find this gem?" Zen asked curiously.

After completely unlocking the Rebirth Land, Zen could spy on the Evil God's memory, but he chose not to do that.

"On Stage Two of the Other Shore," answered the latter.

"Stage Two..." That was rather surprising.

Generally, the members and disciples of the super forces didn't stay long on the first three stages.

When Zen and Dorothy had just set foot on the Other Shore, Dorothy was willing to explore the Sacred Mallow Temple with Zen because he held the secret key. In fact, she had even intended to take him directly to Stage Four at the time.

If they reached Stage Four, they'd be able to gain the support of their own race, after all. It was much more rewarding than exploring the Other Shore on their own.

Normally the first three stages were desolate. Only someone who didn't belong to any sect, like the Evil God, ever wandered aimlessly in these parts.

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