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   Chapter 3470 The Incarnation Of The Evil Will

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The Black Ship advanced, without making any stops.

It didn't matter how many ships there were. Only thirteen people were qualified to join the Black Ship.

Usman used to be a member of the Black Ship.

His strength was ranked thirteenth when he joined the Black Ship.

But he rose through the ranks in just a short period of time. Before long, he was ranked so high that the only person above him was the captain. He had become second best.

The Black Ship had, at the time, seen its best days, until Usman betrayed them and killed six other members.

The captain had chased Usman for a long time, even making a concession to let some super forces work together to kill him.

But that was all history. And since it was related to the Black Ship, news about it hadn't spread out.

Shera had always felt regretful. If not for Usman's madness that had infuriated the captain and led to his doom, he probably could have taken over the position of captain, and even become the strongest man in the Source World.

Once Usman had been executed, Shera and the others realized that his birth wasn't a coincidence.

He was the embodiment of the resentment and hatred of the entire Source World. And because of this aura that he exuded, he was suitable to join the Black Ship. In addition to his astonishing talent and luck, he was also destructive. Chances were high that he would do something harmful to the Black Ship.

"You mean the Evil God is also the embodiment of the resentment in a world?" Shera asked, surprised.

In retrospect, there were many similarities between the Evil God and Usman. Their expressions, aura, style, and even madness were the same.

But the Evil God was at a level lower than Usman.

On second thought, Shera added, "But he's from the inner world of a man called Zen, not the Source World!"

This alone was enough to deny the captain's conjecture.

The brass man smiled and said, "What if Zen's inner world is a primitive land?"

Shera trembled, her red eyes wide. "Is that even possible?"

The brass man didn't want to waste time arguing with her. He just said, "It's a pity that the Evil God has been collected by his creator. But to be honest, it's

diately surrounded by light.

The arrays in the Chaotic Source World could catalyze the crystals of the Chaotic Source Spirits and completely merge them with the body.

The fusion was permanent. The catalyzed crystals had become a part of the body, different from the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits and the queen ant that Zen had met.

Therefore, even if a cultivator at the Chaotic Source Realm was killed, no one could take the crystals of Chaotic Source Spirits out from their body.

Sally's frown began to relax under the effect of the magical array. The crystals that had been planted in her body softened gradually and turned into soybean-sized light spots in her limbs and bones, becoming a part of her body.

Sally had previously been able to only draw her Other Shore Power to the Iridescent Stone. The power of the Iridescent Stone could reach over a thousand divine megatons when it fully erupted, but she had been unable to draw such a large amount of power to her body.

Similarly, even if Zen were to fully activate the power of the Strength God Totem before entering the Chaotic Source World, his physical body would not be able to bear it.

But after fusing with the crystals of the Chaotic Source Spirits, they could control the Other Shore Power more easily.

Many cultivation methods that needed to borrow the Other Shore Power could also be freely displayed, instead of just relying on the Other Shore Tokens of descending type.

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