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   Chapter 3468 The One-eyed Bat

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Having comforted Yan, Zen looked down and was shocked at the sight that awaited him. Instead of two legs, his sister's lower half had been replaced by a snake tail.

"Yan, what happened to your legs?"

His sister blushed in embarrassment, not really keen with her brother seeing this half-human, half-snake form of hers.

She had taken back the Energy Shaft and there was no need for her to maintain this form.

With a twist of her cyan tail, a burst of light enveloped her and the next thing Zen knew, was that her fair, flawless legs reappeared. "This is the bloodline theurgy of the Pear Hill," Yan explained.

"Bloodline theurgy?" Zen repeated with curiosity. "It helps you transform?" He couldn't help but think of Elvinia. She possessed the bloodline theurgy of the Sun Crow race but she didn't have the power to transform herself into a real Sun Crow. How did Yan do it then? It seemed things were more complicated than she let on.

Her explanation was vague at most as if she didn't want him to ask too many questions.

Despite his constant prodding, Yan remained mum about the topic. Left with no answer, Zen chose to give up and let his sister keep her secret. With that, he unfurled his wings and flew away. "The crystals of the Chaotic Source Spirits will be distributed to the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace and Pear Hill first."

His voice was deep and incredibly loud, resounding all throughout the entire Regal Jade World.

Nobody objected, which Zen took as everyone's silent agreement to his terms.

Each person had a limit of accommodating only two hundred crystals. Moreover, each race suffered heavy losses in their numbers, so even if the Oneness Sky Palace and Pear Hill got first dibs, there would still be enough left over.

Zen glided towards the body of the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, while Chaim and Natalie led the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace and Pear Hill respectively. With everyone present, the distribution of the crystals began.

The moment Zen took the crystals out, he found a thick aura emanating from inside the body.

Puzzled, he waved his hand, splitting the body open to reveal a ton of golden red crystals!

"Are these als

nder and lightning flashing as it prepared to fly away.


Before it could leave, a black and white pattern of Eight Diagrams appeared above the bat. Fuxi had thrown his punch and was not going to let this monster go.


Huge fragments exploded from the space and the bat took the blow hard. Its colossal body rolled over dozens of circles before landing directly outside the ring-shaped mountain range.

The sudden attack flustered the monster and caught it off guard; nonetheless, the bat was fine.

"Hand the things over!"

Fuxi roared, his voice cutting through the air like thunder.

Mount, who had been standing nearby Fuxi, covered his ears in pain. It wasn't just him. Those who heard Fuxi's shout let out a painful cry as blood shot out of their ears, deafened by his roar.

Fuxi jumped, his body expanding and also becoming incomparably huge!

Although his Truth of Powerful Holy Body remained confined, Fuxi was still one of the giants who emerged at the beginning of the chaos. He naturally cultivated the Wild God Power.


Another pattern of Eight Diagrams appeared over the bat. This time, when Fuxi slapped its body, the bat let out a shrill cry of pain. Its wings flapped helplessly as it summoned the power of thunder and lightning to confront its opponent's palm attack.


As these two huge and indescribable forces collided, the space around them began to break down, revealing the black void.

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