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   Chapter 3464 Burning The Eye Of Will

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The black meteorite pummeled into the ground with a loud crashing sound. The collision caused the solid ground to spread out like water.

In the area where the black meteorite fell, there was an array, in which there were some nonhuman creatures.

They had long given up on fighting for the Chaotic Source Spirits. They just wanted to stay in the array and wait for the end of the activity in the Chaotic Source World. Then they would be sent out of here.

They thought they were safe since they weren't involved in the fights anymore. Yet, an undeserved catastrophe had unexpectedly hit them!

The black meteorite's fall shocked and smashed the light shield of the array into pieces. In the blink of an eye, the energy had vanished all of the creatures inside.


It wasn't long before the second meteorite fell down closely.

This meteorite brushed past the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, who had already reached her limit and exhausted ninety percent of the Chaotic Source Spirits in her body. But now all her remaining Chaotic Source Spirits were depleted, even though the meteorite just grazed the back side of her huge body.

Since she had also lost the protection of the Chaotic Source Spirits, she became extremely fragile. Her feet burst instantly under the impact of the falling meteorite, and then thousands of Chaotic Source Spirits broke out from her wounds.

If it had been another time, all the talents would probably scramble to grab the Chaotic Source Spirits.

But now, the world was going to be destroyed. Everyone had to run for their lives. Even the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits was desperately trying to escape from it. Who would care about the Chaotic Source Spirits then?

Unfortunately, they couldn't escape from the world's destruction.

"What should I do?" Zen whispered.

"There is only one way," the Regal Jade Spirit replied.

"Tell me!" Zen urged.

"Before the whole world is totally burnt, find where the Evil God is and kill him," the Regal Jade Spirit answered.

"I don't know where he is!" Naturally, Zen was as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

"The world he summoned is almost perfect without any flaws. But, the Evil God himself has his own flaws," No. 9527 suddenly spoke. "Use your Sword Texture Technique and the Authentic Visual World, and give it a try."


intersections of the thin lines were five indistinct spots.

"These spots are the flaws?"

Still, Zen couldn't think of anything else under such a difficult situation.

Even if the Regal Jade Spirit could help him bear the price of burning the Eye of Will, Zen couldn't burn it at will as it still had its limits. Moreover, there was a time limit.

Just then, Zen turned into a beam of cyan light and ruthlessly bombarded the first white spot!


White cracks ruptured from the white spot from the impact of his punch, then the two white lines that were connected to it also dimmed.

"It worked!" his eyes lit up as he cried out.

Quickly, he rushed towards another white spot again.

Meanwhile, the Evil God who hid inside the world cackled wildly. His laughter continued to echo in the world that was being destroyed. Yet, he was also surprised that Zen had actually found the world's flaws.

When the Evil God came back to his senses, three black four-legged snakes appeared on the surface of the next white spot. The black snakes quickly turned into three overlapping black crystal shields, and completely covered the spot.


Without a second thought, Zen directly bombarded those black crystal shields.


He smashed the pile of three black crystal shields and destroyed the white spot. Then, he quickly dashed towards the next one!

Zen didn't even stop for a moment. In turn, the Evil God hastily gathered energy to protect the next spot. He ended up making six black crystal shields to cover the third white spot.

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