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   Chapter 3462 Eternal Annihilation

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"The Evil God's body is getting smaller!"

"Zen has sealed his limbs! He's unable to take them back!"

"Keep this up and the Evil God is bound to lose!"

There was a faint smile even on Mount's face. He was finally witnessing the defeat of the Evil God.

Zen's method was not ingenious, but was direct and effective.

But the Evil God figured it out, too.

The Evil God's eyes flashed with a somber black light. As he once again charged toward Zen, his direction suddenly changed. He now bore down in a vertical downward arc, aiming straight for his severed limbs!

By smashing those damn Regal Jade Crystals, he would be able to turn his limbs into energy that would evaporate into the surroundings and integrate into his own body.

But Zen had already expected this move when he had sealed the limbs. He wasn't about to let the Evil God have his way.

Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!

The Regal Jade Crystals rapidly rose from the ground like long and narrow tubes. The Evil God's severed limbs and other body parts floated within them. In the blink of an eye, all the crystals and their contents were sent to the edge of the Regal Jade World, scattered equidistantly in all directions.

The Evil God's face darkened as he lunged for the arm closest to him.

The Regal Jade Crystal that contained it flew rapidly, but the Evil God was faster.


The Regal Jade Crystal shattered in the Evil God's clutches. As his severed arm broke out, it turned into wisps of black energy and evaporated in the air. The Evil God's body increased a little in size after.

But as this happened, Zen appeared near him at an odd angle. Zen waved his hands covered with crystals, and tore off the Evil God's legs again!

As the legs were severed, two Regal Jade Crystals lunged like serpents, grabbing the limbs, and speeding away.

"You!" Rage crossed the Evil God's face, but it showed a faint hint of fear.

"Let's see how small you can get," Zen said with a smile.

I have no choice but to show you eternal annihilation!"


The strangely-colored world began to shake, shattering a great number of the Regal Jade Crystals overlapping it. The destructive aura spread around the whole world, like doomsday had come.

All this time, the various races had been focused on fighting the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, ignoring the fight between Zen and the Evil God.

However, the violent shaking finally caught everyone's attention. Their expressions changed in an instant.


Countless black snakes crawled out from the rippled dark clouds in the sky. They coiled and lunged down, turning into huge meteorites falling down!

Feeling the power of the meteorites, Zen slit his eyes. "How is that possible? I have consumed most of his energy. But the power of the meteorites is... So incredible!"

It was impossible to estimate the meteorites' strength. Zen felt fear shoot instinctively through him.

What was more horrifying was that there were more than one huge four-legged black snake! More snakes appeared, turning into black meteorites.

Once these meteorites struck, they were bound to destroy everything in the strangely-colored world.

"Hahaha!" The Evil God's laughter rang out across the strangely-colored world. "I like seeing you fear, Zen."

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