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   Chapter 3461 Sealing Energy

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Natalie remembered Yan often talking about how powerful her brother was. But she figured that Yan was exaggerating as she bragged—it was natural for young girls to admire their older brothers, after all. But once she met Zen herself, she realized how wrong she was. Among the Pear Hill warriors of the younger generation, Natalie couldn't think of a single one who could dream of contending against Zen.

Now, it seemed as though Yan was even being too modest when she described her brother.

Forgetting about the younger generation…

Even the seniors who had already reached the Chaotic Source Realm and the Desire World couldn't fight against him.

The Evil God gazed at the crystal Zen as he would gaze at a lover. "Very good… I like it…"

In the next moment, he had his hands crossed. Black spikes began spreading out of his figure until his entire body spiraled up into a black cyclone.


The cyclone shook gently.

It was as though an enormous hand had drawn a black line in the sky, sweeping right past Zen's body.

It was such a rapid movement that no one even caught the motion with their bare eyes.

Zen didn't move an inch, but his crystallized arm was broken in a second.

A thousand feet behind Zen, the Evil God halted. He grabbed Zen's severed hand and gnawed at it. The cyan crystal was hard and crisp, making crackling noises as the Evil God bored his teeth into it. Soon, he had swallowed it completely.

"Tastes good," the Evil God clasped his hands in satisfaction, and the crystal fragments fell to the ground.

For a second, Zen's eyes widened in surprise. The Evil God's speed suddenly erupted, indicating that he hadn't been using his full strength earlier.

"What an amazing speed…" As Zen muttered, he could feel his body tremble while a cyan arm grew out of his broken limb.

"Thank you for your praise! Let me show you once again! This time, it'll be your head."

The Evil God mocked Zen menacingly before he turned into another black cyclone.

Once again, a thin, black line swept across the sky and through Zen's body.

No one could see either of the opponents' movements clearly. All they caught was Zen shaking slightly in the air. When the Evil God

e the energy and use it again. But you can seal that energy," the Regal Jade Spirit explained.

Zen's eyes flashed with excitement—he now got to the crux of the matter.

If he didn't deal with the broken limbs of the Evil God, the latter could easily gain his energy back. That would have made the fight endless.

When the Evil God tried attacking again, Zen merely ripped off one of his legs.

This time, he threw the limb to the ground, where a Regal Jade Crystal suddenly sprouted. The crystal's surface was like chalcedony, wrapping up the Evil God's severed leg.

The limb couldn't dissipate—it was now like an insect wrapped in amber, sealed forever.

Seeing that, the Evil God frowned. Without giving it another thought, he charged at Zen once again.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

As their fight went on, Zen won more than he lost.

Crystals were growing everywhere from the ground. Within them, there were the arms, legs and all other parts of the Evil God's body.

After a moment, over a hundred broken body parts were sealed in crystals. It was an extremely strange sight to behold.

Energy from the severed body parts of the Evil God couldn't be recycled.

Initially, he was over ten feet high. But after using his energy to regenerate his body parts over and over again, his enormous body began shrinking foot by foot.

There was no doubt that the Evil God was still extremely ferocious, but he had shrunk down to the size of an ordinary child.

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