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   Chapter 3460 The Inheritance Of The Regal Jade World

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The cyan light spread out from Zen and mixed in with the strangely-colored world summoned by the Evil God. Soon enough, the area started to change.

The rough, brownish-yellow ground became extremely smooth, and it seemed that a layer of emerald green glaze covered its surface. The Regal Jade Crystals were like precious ores as they grew and formed jade flowers.

The strangely-colored world was shone brightly by the cyan light, which made the space more strange and unique, and possess a peculiar clean feel to it.

A second world had descended! The two different worlds merged together!

Everyone present were stunned as they looked around with awe in their faces.

"Another world?"

"This is too crazy! Did Zen make this?"

"Is Zen also the spokesperson of a civilization?"

Even the leaders at the gate of the Chaotic Source World were also speechless and dumbfounded.

After all, the current situation in the Chaotic Source World was completely beyond their imagination.

Everyone should be able to exert their own abilities to dig out the Chaotic Source Spirits, and then reach the Chaotic Source Realm.

Yet at that moment, everyone's attention was not on the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, but on Zen and the Evil God.

When Winchell saw the cyan light shine brightly and the world descend, he felt slightly relieved.

If Dorothy had really died in the Chaotic Source World, then a storm would arise on the Origin Mountain. Given Yasamin's strong-headed attitude, it was very likely that she would hunt the Black Ship on her own.

"What a surprise!" As soon as Fuxi saw the cyan light world as well, his lips stretched into a helpless smile. "It seems that in addition to Gerald, there is another civilization that has chosen you. I wonder where this civilization ranks," he murmured to himself.

Generally speaking, there were a lot of civilizations that hid on the Other Shore. Some of them were strong, and some were weak. All of them were vastly different from each other.

The civilizations ranked outside the top 100 were weaker, and those ranked far behind were quite frail. However, undoubtedly, the top 100 civilizations were quite powerful.

The Regal Jade Civilization hadn't left many footprints on the Other Shore, and even their Re

as well.

With the support of the Regal Jade World, Zen was indeed able to contend with the Evil God.

To defeat the Evil God, however, he had to use the Inheritance of World.

Now, Zen was unwilling to waste his time either.

As the light circles converged, his body had undergone considerable changes.

First, his eyebrows glittered with dark cyan crystals, then so did his hair, skin, and flesh.

The Inheritance of World entailed changing oneself completely by the use of the power of the descended world.

While Zen endured the baptism of cyan light circles, his entire body became thoroughly crystalized!

Cyan feathers grew from his back one after another. He slightly opened his eyes, and diamond-shaped crystals also appeared in his pupils.

At that moment, his aura had also undergone a tremendous change. Apart from his appearance that was still fifty percent similar to his original look, everything else was different. His voice, breath, and the characteristics that defined him all disappeared!


He shook his body slightly, then the crystals wrapped around him shattered.

His dark cyan feathers rose slightly, which made him glide freely in midair as if he had integrated himself with the space.

The members of the Separate Abyss race, the Ear Mice, and disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace and the Pear Hill could only look up at him in silence.

"Is he Yan's brother?! The way Yan described his strength is an understatement!" exclaimed Natalie, whose jaw dropped in shock.

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