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   Chapter 3455 The Endless Restoring Method

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Something infinitely more complicated was taking place.

Using the bloodline theurgy of the White Myth race, the Evil God was now trying to pull Zen into his own inner world. Since he had previously belonged in Zen's inner world, there would be no rejection between them. The Evil God would be able to pull Zen in with no problems.

Theoretically speaking, the Evil God's inner world also belonged to Zen but, since he avoided the restraint of the Rebirth Land, Zen could no longer sense nor control him.

Once pulled into the Evil God's inner world, Zen would then be at his mercy and might even get refined into an Inner-world Generating Avatar.

Dorothy quickly sent him a message through life vitality. "Don't let yourself get pulled into the vortex!" she pleaded. "That leads to his inner world! If you get sucked in... You'll get trapped and end up in big trouble!"

Her warning greatly alarmed Zen who now realized the true gravity of his situation. He immediately tried to distance himself from his opponent in order to avoid getting sucked into the vortex.

Unfortunately for him, just as he was about to move, a transparent film of light appeared out of nowhere and enveloped him like a net.

"It's the Moon Spirit race's bloodline theurgy!"

The sight was quite a shock for members of the Moon Spirit race in the core area.

As a small race, most viewed their bloodline theurgy as useless and without value. However, it worked extremely well when the Evil God used it in combination with his other skills.

There was no escaping the light film, it was airtight and could not be destroyed through physical means. There was also no way for Zen to use the Wing King's feather that he had been relying on to improve his bodily movement skill. Zen had no choice but to weakly struggle against the Evil God's three arms that were quickly pulling him towards the vortex.

"I need to help him!"

Yan exclaimed, unable to stand by the sidelines any longer. She stamped her foot and flew towards her brother.

It wasn't just her. Dorothy and Elvinia, without the slightest hesitation, also jumped into the air and followed after Yan.

They had chosen to not get involved during the battle between the Evil God and Mount. One, they knew how powerful the Evil God was and going against him recklessly would be unwise, and two, it didn't really have anything to do with them. It was a different story now

the Chaotic Source World, also sported an equally bewildered look on his face.

He felt that it was increasingly becoming difficult to see through Zen.

"The Truths of Godly Ways are known to be the paths that lead to the Other Shore. After the Truth of Powerful Holy Body was banned, only twelve remained. Zen's aura resembles a truth aura so much. Where exactly did he cultivate this new Truth of Godly Way? Or am I wrong?"

He'd never witnessed such a strange phenomenon and thus didn't know what to make of it.

There was no way for Fuxi to know how Zen learned such a method. The young man was gone for less than five minutes after being exiled by Mount so how did he learn so much in just a short period of time?

Fuxi was the Human Sovereign, second only to the Chaos Ancient Gods.

However, not even he knew all the secrets of the chaos.

Meanwhile, the battle between Zen and the Evil God continued on. Zen turned around and shot out a blue beam of light towards his opponent.

Caught off-guard, the blue light pierced through the Evil God's body, leaving a hole in his chest.

Fortunately for him, the flesh around his injury wriggled and quickly closed the hole.

Zen's attack had been powerful but nowhere near enough to kill him.

Of course, Zen never expected to eliminate his opponent with one hit. Having delivered his attack, Zen took advantage of the Evil God's momentary shock and distanced himself from him.

The golden opportunity for the Evil God to defeat his creator quickly slipped away. Zen had shown his trick and managed to turn the tables at the critical moment.

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