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   Chapter 3451 Devil Soul-sucking Spear

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In his shock, the Evil God was about to move away.

Just as Mount said, the surrounding space remained stationary as though the Space Law had no effect on it.

"Go to hell!"

The Evil God's eyes flashed with the killing intent—he did not waste any time attacking Mount with all his strength.

The Snake Goddess' countless shadows formed energy beams that rushed straight toward Mount.

But before they touched him, he managed to turn himself into a shadow and disappear before the Evil God's eyes.

With Mount's current strength, it was a little difficult to make use of the Hypercube Imprisonment—it was stronger than the cube in which Yan was imprisoned earlier, but it took some time to employ it.

To pave the way for the prison, he peeled off the space fragments. It was unrealistic to use those fragments to kill the Evil God.

After taking the Evil God's first round of attack, Mount finally had a chance to fight back.


After Mount used the spatial transference, he appeared on the other side. Only a hundred feet away from the Evil God, Mount stared him down indifferently.

Now that he was imprisoned, the Evil God's face was twisted. He tried throwing a punch at his captor.


The power from the punch was extremely terrifying.

But his fist met a transparent wall.

The energy beams stored within the shadows of Snake Goddess were scattered, forming an intense whirlpool of energy. It bounced back against the wall and surged everywhere. No energy could spread out from the cube. As it circulated, it outlined the entire cube.

A red ferocity filled the Evil God's eyes as he continued punching the barrier to no avail. The rampant energy scraped against his body but the cube remained motionless.

Mount's expression was steady-calm as he looked at the Evil God. His eyes were on the latter like he was merely watching a performance from a distance.

The scene made the other races sigh in relief.

The mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits remained their goal—no one wanted to face the sudden appearance of the Evil God.

Locking up the monster was beneficial.

The Ear Mo


Those who could take the spear as a weapon were no less powerful than dragons. They held great intention to kill their enemies in a single strike.

Khalid's Other Shore Token was a skull called the 'Heavenly Fiend Skull'. At all times, it was stored in the Heavenly Fiend Temple situated within Stage Thirteen.

The Heavenly Fiend Temple was an extremely powerful one, and no one even knew how many creatures had died there.

Every creature to perish there was absorbed by the Heavenly Fiend Skull.

The Bearing race had paid a hefty price to get their hands on the token. In the end, it fell into Khalid's hands.

Khalid's blow nearly exhausted all its power, and his physical body had also reached its limit.


The moment the tip of the spear cut through air, countless shadows of skulls in the surging spear radiance began whining.

Meanwhile, the black snakes continued flying over. They turned into figures of the Evil God, standing in a row as defense against the spear radiance.

"Plop! Plop! Plop..."

How could they resist Khalid's attack?

The very moment the spear radiance pierced these figures, they exploded.

But the black energy didn't disappear. Like a bunch of maggots, it continued gnawing at the spear radiance.

As the spear radiance penetrated the Evil God's figures, the bright white spear radiance grew dark, and even the spear's sharp tip was contaminated.

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