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   Chapter 3449 Returning

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"The second stage is called 'Integrating Inner and Outer.' Let me show you," said King Manard. He made a pinching motion above Zen's head and took away the long sword in his hand.

King Manard gripped the sword and emitted a steady flow of energy in three colors, which was transferred through the hilt into the blade. As the energy flowed, the sword glowed, becoming more and more dazzling. In this manner, he gave the sword the inner power in a short period of time.

When he was done, he held up the sword, examining it.

Then he threw it back to Zen. "Here, take a look."

Zen caught the sword easily, his eyes gleaming as he studied it. "This sword is now as powerful as a primary Profound Blood Treasure!"

King Manard was unfamiliar with the classification of weapons in this round of chaos. But he had confidence in the weapons he had forged.

He nodded. "After I comprehended the Truth of Three-Energy Construction, it took me a long time to reach the stage of 'Looking Alike in Appearance.' But you've reached it within a short period of time. You are a great genius. Do you have a master?"

His words piqued the attention of the Regal Jade Spirit and No. 9527. It seemed that King Manard was interested in taking Zen on as his disciple.

Zen nodded and replied, "Yes, I do."

Zen had a master in the great world. One of his missions was to go to the Source World from the divine land to inquire into the whereabouts of his master Bromley.

But up to now, Zen hadn't been able to find him.

From the day he became Bromley's disciple, he had yet to see him, which was truly incredible.

As soon as King Manard heard that Zen had a master, he dropped the subject, although he was slightly disappointed. He said, "All right, then. At least we are both human beings, and I need you to find the humans of the Other Shore. I used to be an extremely powerful king. However, my disciples and children had been gone with the passing of that round of chaos. The fourteen disciples I selected from the inner world are not able to inherit my cause..."

The handsome man and the charming woman looked at each other. They both seemed a little embarrassed.

"The third stage of the void construction is 'Constructing with One Thought.' Even though you don't know the structure of some things, you will be able to form them as soon as you think about them. What's more, they'll be real like those existing in reality," King Manard continued. "You can even create someone who is exactly the same to you."

"Constructing with One Thought..." Zen m

At the end of that period, he comprehended around eighty percent of the Endless Restoring Method. King Manard was surprised and pleased. It usually took much longer to reach that level.

Even in the 77th civilization, Zen still stood out among his peers because of his extraordinary talent.

King Manard reflected that given the speed with which Zen had previously cultivated the Truth of Three-Energy Construction, he really should have expected Zen to excel in the Endless Restoring Method too. He had seen various extraordinary talents over the course of his life, and he was one of the powerful warriors who followed the great human ancestor.

In the void, four people stood without moving.

King Manard, the handsome man, the charming woman, and Zen had gathered together.

Many little monsters surrounded them in the ruins.

These little monsters obeyed the handsome man and the charming woman, but they worshiped King Manard. After all, it was King Manard who had created them.

"You were deleted into this area. And I will send you back via this area now. Please remember my words," said King Manard solemnly.

Zen nodded respectfully. "I will keep them in mind."

Although King Manard was not Zen's master, he had taught Zen a lot, and Zen would not forget his generosity.

The handsome man and the enchanting woman had spent almost every day and night of the past three years with Zen, and there was a trace of reluctance on their faces as they prepared to send him off.

"Good. I will find that time node for you," King Manard said. With that, he stretched out his hand and stirred the air. A colorful vortex appeared within his moving hand. In an instant, it sucked Zen in.

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