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   Chapter 3447 The Speed Of Comprehension

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After she heard his words, the gorgeous woman retorted with a smile. "You always boast about being the best in terms of talent. Back then, it only took me a year and a half to comprehend it!"

The handsome man seemed unbothered by her claims. Even though time didn't hold any value in this space, he didn't want to seem inferior to the pretty woman. "It's only because your compatibility level is higher than that of mine. If we are on par with each other in terms of compatibility level, you would never be as good as me..."

While the two were engrossed in a heated conversation, King Manard raised his hand and said, "I'll take my leave now. I have to cultivate in seclusion during this period. Inform me after he finishes comprehending the Truth of Three-Energy Construction."

"But Master, when will you take us to the Abstruse Energy World?" the handsome man suddenly asked.

Since the handsome man and the pretty woman were tossed into this space, they were unable to join the other disciples. Naturally, they felt frustrated since they were the only ones left out.

However, King Manard casually posed the question to him. "Have you deciphered the Sanskrit words I gave you?"

Both of their faces reflected a hint of disappointment as they turned their gaze away without a response.

The Abstruse Energy World had certain rules, and the rules were related to the Sanskrit words.

Every light spot contained innumerable groups of words, and the form of expression was similar to the Sanskrit words.

The Instant Civilization originated from the Abstruse Energy World. Since they were well acquainted with it, the Sanskrit words created by them were the replica of the words of the Abstruse Energy World.

King Manard was highly skilled in deciphering the Sanskrit words, and his other twelve disciples could be said to be on the same level as him. They had studied the rules of the Abstruse Energy World through deciphering the Sanskrit words.

If the handsome man and the pretty woman desired to enter the Abstruse Energy World, they had to have a sound understanding of the Sanskrit words, at least to a certain extent.

However, in the present, they still had a ways to go before they could be able to do that.

After the question, King Manard turned around and entered the inner hall alone.

King Manard's words of wisdom to Zen stated that everything could be dealt with easily. However, his words had contradicted with his reality. He, too, had to encounter many difficulties in his path before he could reach his goal.

Back then, in the Abstruse Energy World, he had stumbled upon something that had the form of a mountain with his disciples. It was obvious the mountain was gathered by innumerable spots of light.

The Other Shore Power was obtained from the mountain.

Had it been a normal world, they would have easily split the entire mountain open to see what was inside.

However, the rules of the Abstruse Energy World were differed from that of the other worlds, and even the cognitions were

those three energies were to be combined, their strength would go beyond comprehension...

According to King Manard's words, the Truth of Three-Energy Construction was a product of his creation. However, Zen harbored doubts in his heart against that statement. He strongly felt that the Truth of Godly Way must have been obtained in the Abstruse Energy World. It was apparent his thoughts contradicted with the fact that King Manard had created it.

Zen continued, oblivious to the fact that the pretty woman and the handsome man had their anticipating eyes glued to the wall. They wore expressions of bewilderment.

He had recited eight thousand words on his first day, which was equivalent to sixty percent of the Truth of Three-Energy Construction. Did this guy really come from the chaos?

According to what King Manard had told them, anyone who existed in the chaos lacked strength. They were practically worthless.

Of course, King Manard knew full well not to underestimate the talents that resided in the chaos. Even though he handpicked the most outstanding talents from his inner world to be his disciples, the chaos was much bigger than his inner world and contained more talents. But to practice high morale and confidence in his disciples, he had to belittle the creatures in the chaos to make them feel superior.

However, the appearance of Zen and the small spectacle of his talents had exposed King Manard's white lie out in the open. Naturally, the handsome man and the pretty woman hung their heads in crippling depression as they had believed the lie to be true the entire time.

If King Manard was not their master, they would have apprehended and interrogated him by now.

The very next day, Zen had managed to comprehend over nine thousand and nine hundred words of the Truth of Three-energy Construction.

On the third day, he broke through to ten thousand words.

Just as Zen had concluded, after he reached ten thousand words, the difficulty of comprehension increased significantly.

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