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   Chapter 3445 The Strongest Finale Way

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It wouldn't have been difficult for King Manard to remove these remains with this place under his full control.

But he left them here for the purpose of using them as Other Shore Tokens.

"But these remains don't have energy or Other Shore Power. They would have no complicated power," Zen pointed out.

There were two factors to determine an Other Shore Token's value.

They were whether or not it had strong Other Shore Power, and whether or not it had a unique ability.

The stronger the Other Shore Power was, the stronger its bearer would be.

The power of Other Shore Tokens of the mysterious type tended to not be as strong, but they often had unusual abilities. For example, the Heart of Accomplice was able to forcibly end the lives of both the user and another powerful warrior. No other token could do this.

King Manard ambled forward, his hands behind his back. He gazed out into the void. "It's almost impossible for them to use the Other Shore Tokens to realize the Finale Way. The human race was trapped in this in the past."

Neither Zen nor No. 9527 could understand, but the eyes of the Regal Jade Spirit flashed.

After all, the Regal Jade Civilization had once been a ruling force and had also confronted the needle in hopes to realize the Finale Way.

"You mean it's impossible to realize the Finale Way by relying on the strength of the Other Shore?" the Regal Jade Spirit asked.

King Manard shot the Regal Jade Spirit an unexpected admiring look. "Among so many civilizations, the human race came the closest. We very nearly achieved it."

"You almost made it?" The Regal Jade Spirit's eyes flashed strangely. "Our Wing King had merged with the Invisible Spirit Herb from Stage Thirty Three. He used the Trial Lamp to reflect about a thousand more Invisible Spirit Herbs and extracted the Other Shore Power within them. After that, he increased the Other Shore Power by thirty times with the help of the Withering Power and combined it with the Spectral Thunder Shield, but he still failed. He almost made it, too."

As the strongest warrior in the Regal Jade Civilization, the Wing King was ch

and then...

Alas, it was a pity we failed in the end. We were so close," King Manard said, regret written on his face.

Perhaps feeling he had discouraged the Regal Jade Spirit too much, he added, "Actually, it was not your fault. After the human race almost completed the Finale Way, those hiding on the Other Shore grew scared. After that, they set the rules, and the Other Shore was designed by them in such a way that no civilization would ever complete the Finale Way. It became a pipe dream. I guess that after the 77th civilization was destroyed, the Heart of Limit and the Overdraft Stone were both hidden away. They might have even destroyed them."

No. 9527 nodded in agreement. "We haven't heard of these two tokens on the Other Shore."

"By their rules, the Finale Way is destined to fail, and there is no possibility of success," King Manard said firmly. "So we can't rely on that Other Shore. We must create our own force!"

He glanced at Zen and continued, "The Other Shore Power is from outside of the chaos. We can also obtain it."

As he spoke, he pointed at the debris on the ground. The broken statue of horse head returned to its original condition. But the new statue seemed a little different.

"What do you see?" asked King Manard.

Zen stared at the statue and observed it carefully. After a short while, he actually felt a slight energy on the statue. It was the Other Shore Power!

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