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   Chapter 3443 Another Other Shore

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Zen's expression changed. There was a troubled look on his face when he heard King Manard's unfriendly tone.

"Sir, they are both my friends..."

He began trying to explain, but was interrupted when King Manard said, "Whoever they are, they need to show up. No one spies on me in secret! Show yourselves or you will force my hands!"

If Zen hadn't been concerned in this matter, King Manard would have slain No. 9527 and the Regal Jade Spirit without a moment's hesitation.

The only reason he was restraining himself was that Zen was a human. Even so, the fact that No. 9527 and the Regal Jade Spirit were spying on him in secret was an unbearably infuriating thought for him.

Fortunately, No. 9527 and the Regal Jade Spirit immediately turned into two human shaped soul forms, one glowing with a cyan aura and the other one in brown. They put their hands together and bowed to King Manard.

"We have been staying inside Zen's body for a long time, and never showed ourselves to anyone till date. We didn't mean to spy on you. Please forgive us," the Regal Jade Spirit humbly apologized.

King Manard glanced at him and then suddenly smiled. "I'm familiar with your aura. You used to be in charge of this space. You were a Son of Truth of the Regal Jade Civilization. Have I got that right?"

The Regal Jade Spirit nodded with a helpless smile. "You have supernatural power. I didn't sense you hiding here!"

"If you could detect my presence that easily, I wouldn't be alive today," King Manard smiled with a satisfied expression.

This space worked in a mysterious way. Every once in a while, everything in here was destroyed for good. This place was often regarded as the garden of the Son of Truth. And no human would ever be allowed to live here!

The Regal Jade Spirit replied, "The theurgies you utilized to break through the walls of the chaos and explore the outside void are impressive. If you could reveal the secrets of this void, we, the Regal Jade Civilization, would be happy to get along with you. That being the case, why would we consider you our enemy?"

However, King Manard's expressions didn't change. "You might see it that way, but your civilization would still take me as their enemy. They might not share your thoughts. Things on the Other Shore are extremely complicated. You, as a lone Son of Truth, couldn't make that decision by yourself!"

The Regal Jade Spirit didn't know w

conflict was even heard of.

They had always been united, to the very last possible moment.

And from the way King Manard detested the other races, it was crystal clear how much he cared about the human race. He had never expected that the newborn human race in the chaos would fall into such a complicated situation. It was heartbreaking for him to hear such news.

"With your great theurgies, you will be able to end the dispute if you return to the chaos," Zen suddenly said.

"Return to the chaos?" King Manard shook his head in a disappointed manner.

"Didn't you tell us that you have taken complete control over this space and can retrieve everything from within it?" Zen asked.

A trace of helplessness appeared on the face of King Manard. He pointed to No. 9527's soul and said, "This one can return to the chaos, and so can you."

Then he pointed to the Regal Jade Spirit and continued, "But can he return as well?"

Although No. 9527 and the Regal Jade Spirit had turned into human souls, they were still quite different from each other.

No. 9527 was a real strand of a soul, while the Regal Jade Spirit had appeared in the chaos after Zen had merged with the Civilization Artifact. In fact, his body was still on the Other Shore. He was in a descending state.

"You mean..." Zen's eyes narrowed.

King Manard pointed at the ruins in the distance and said, "The chaos that belongs to us has already gone. We can't return to the chaos. Even if we do return, we can only return in the form of an Other Shore Token. Or, to put it shortly, you can treat this space as another Other Shore."

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