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   Chapter 3441 The Abstruse Energy State

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No matter how prosperous the chaos was, it was impossible to avoid the needle.

All the creatures would be annihilated.

This wasn't a disaster, something nobody had seen. It had, in fact, been predestined since the chaos was born.

Only one thing could prevent this from happening: turning into creatures on the Other Shore and hiding there.

In the long history of the chaos, each creature had the same fate.

They either entered the Other Shore or they died. They could try to become the Sons of Truth but their chances were remote. Besides, they would still die after two rounds of chaos.

A number of creatures and talents had tried all kinds of methods.

Escaping from the chaos was the easiest and the most direct way.

Countless civilizations had come into existence and declined, but no one had ever succeeded.

And now, King Manard was hiding in this space to avoid death when the end arrived. He had even broken through the chaos. The shock that No. 9527 and the Regal Jade Spirit felt couldn't be described in mere words.

It didn't matter if they believed it or not. It was an undeniable fact. They hoped Zen could explore the cave and find more.

The handsome man and the enchanting woman entered the cave first, Zen following close behind.

The wall of the cave was covered with a kind of dense brown material that was neither rock nor soil. Zen reached out, pressing gently on the wall and releasing the Other Shore Power within him.

But there was no reaction. The material was so solid that it was almost impossible to separate it from the cave wall.

The man noticed Zen's move and smiled before saying, "It's impossible to break this wall. Our master has said that no one can leave a single trace on it even if they are to use a million divine megatons of force."

Zen's jaw dropped.

He remained speechless for a while before he found his voice. "How solid is this wall?" he asked.

"It's not a matter of solidity. O

lue star lights. As more and more parts of his head emerged, the star lights began to spread quickly.

Zen hadn't felt anything strange until this moment.

As he craned his head, he felt everything go black. He couldn't see anything anymore.

Instead, he felt a different kind of feeling course through him.

Zen had never experienced this feeling before. In this void, everything around him had merged into nothingness. He was the only star in it.

The distance became infinitely long yet remained infinitely short. No matter how vast the space was, he could touch any end of it. And no matter how short the distance was, he could not reach it.

Time instantly sped up with his thoughts. Billions of years passed with one thought, but the next moment, it seemed like only an instant had passed.

Zen could not describe this feeling.

Just as the man and the woman had said, he couldn't see the chaos or find the cave in such a state. Even his physical sense had disappeared completely.

If he was reckless and rushed in, he would probably be permanently lost in this state.

Zen had lost all sense of time and felt like countless years had passed in the blink of an eye.

As the star lights rotated, Zen was pulled back into the cave, familiar sights appearing back in front of his eyes.

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