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   Chapter 3439 Waiting

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The Chaos Ancient God that controlled the bottom-layer space rules held the right to delete spaces.

But those deleted spaces could still be recovered.

Within a certain grace period, they could recover a space they regretted deleting. After this time, though, absolutely nothing could be done.

Having once been a Son of Truth in charge of space, the Regal Jade Spirit was well aware of this fact.

So what Zen said about the strange scene was more surprising than the news that he had found the arc light energy.

Once Zen dispersed the avatar, he took the Regal Jade Spirit out of his inner world and had him hide within his body.

No. 9527 was a part of the Chaos Ancient Gods named Gerald. As the two Chaos Ancient Gods stayed together, they weren't particularly uncomfortable. Now, they were both quietly observing their surroundings.

The space passageway wasn't that long, and it didn't take too long for the three people to reach the end of it. Emerging from it, Zen saw an ancient door, identical to what he had seen before.

When the handsome man pushed the door open, they were met with huge narrow bronze pillars—they were like snakes, strangely entangled with each other.

Zen had noticed the bronze pillars when he was first exiled into the space. But from where he had been, he could only see dark-golden lines.

Behind the pillars lay the end of the space.

It was nothing like a wall, but something resembled black fur.

"Eh? What happened to the Deleting Pillars? Why did they end up like this?! This…" Fear and doubt seeped into the Regal Jade Spirit's voice.

"Are you talking about these pillars?" Zen asked, confused.

"Yes! The Deleting Pillars serve as the foundation of this space. It's impossible to destroy them—not even the Sons of Truth can do so. In every period of time, these pillars would delete all the things in the space before turning it into a void. But everything seems to have changed, now!" the Regal Jade Spirit explained as he surveyed the void in the distance.

Although the ancient door had sent Zen a great distance away, he could still see

at the thought.

While he was born in this round of chaos, he had never seen their master at all. Zen deeply doubted the couple's words.

With a hint of a sigh, the man continued, "Our master said that the chaos would come to its last round sooner or later. The human race dominating the chaos again will signal a critical time. You're the first human we've ever found since then, and the news you've brought with you is in line with our master's prediction."

Creatures born in each round of chaos were completely different. There were great differences between the different civilizations themselves as well.

Human beings appeared once in the 77th civilization—never again after that. To see a human appear in this round of chaos was truly a phenomenon.

The human race in the Source World couldn't exactly be considered a ruling force. But after the development over the past years, the various human forces had also developed into super forces—such a development didn't happen accidentally.

"So why did your master ask you to wait for me?" Zen asked again.

The man smiled and said, "Master has hidden in this space for countless years. He hopes the human race will thrive again, so he's been diligently waiting for the right opportunity."

Turning his head, he looked upon the statue—it was exactly the same as the one on the small star. Engraved beneath it was the name 'King Manard.'

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