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   Chapter 3437 The Altar

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The little monsters continued to carry Zen like they were a parade, as they walked along the surface of the small star.

It wasn't long before they finally reached the huge statue.

Zen raised his head and carefully peered at it. The human statue had a beard, a ragged face, and its eyes had a unique aura. The surface of the statue was covered with exquisite runes.

The runes extended all the way from its body to the bottom, then they parted and formed two branches, which then continued to extend until they reached an altar.

When Zen gazed at the altar, he felt his heart pound erratically in his chest. "Damn it! Are these monsters going to sacrifice me?"

He was completely unfamiliar with the space they were currently in. Everything was bizarre and there were no rules to follow.

From the way how these little monsters protected him, it was indeed like they were carefully safeguarding a sacrificial offering!

As soon as Zen finished speaking, the little monsters carried him and stepped on the altar.

There was a loud, metallic clang when they threw the metal plate on the altar. "Hey!" Zen shouted by the side of the fence that was made up of blue light.

"Geo...geo... geo..." one of the little monsters spoke.

It seemed like it tried to explain something to him, but what was the use of such an explanation when he couldn't understand anything it said?

After the little monster had finished, two unique triangle runes suddenly appeared on the human statue's eyes. As the triangle runes flipped, the statue's eyeballs began to roll. It looked Zen up and down in quite a strange way.

In turn, Zen also stared back at the statue's eyeballs with an unreadable expression.

It didn't take long until a bright, white light spread out from both of the eyeballs. The two light beams spread down from the eyes in a way that made them look like tears flowing down the statue's face. The two rays of light continued to flow, until they quickly converged on the altar.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

The entire altar flashed with strong light, then wrapped Zen together with the metal plate.

When the light illuminated the altar, all the little monsters stepped

er from the two humans.

To his surprise, the two of them shook their heads at the same time "We are the aboriginals of this space, but our master is from the chaos. Our master said that according to the calculation in the chaos, he was born in the 77th chaotic era," the woman responded.

While Zen still thought about the meaning of her answer, No. 9527 mentally reminded him, "The chaotic era should refer to the process from a round of the chaos' birth, till its destruction. Their master might be from the 77th civilization."

There were too many civilizations that had once appeared in the chaos, that it was impossible for even No. 9527 to cover all of them in the statistics. Some of them had either completely declined and disappeared on the Other Shore, or had hidden themselves.


Zen subconsciously looked at the huge statue and asked, "Is your master still in this space?"

Once again, the man and woman both shook their heads at the same time. The woman went over and gently pulled Zen as she said, "Come with me!"

The moment they pulled Zen into the gate, the little monsters below the altar made a loud noise. The man patted his head and said with a smile, "Oh, I almost forgot it."

Next, he took out a small bag, from which thousands of brown beads rolled out.

Those brown beads were highly important to the little monsters. Indeed, only after when he threw the beads did the little monsters stop making noises.

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